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Hi There!

I need to create our 2014 folders in 2 folders of every client in our client folder.

The directory structure is h:\clients\alphabet number (A, B, C etc)\client name\correspondence and create 2014 at this level

Second Dir Structure is the same but under h:\clients\alphabet number (A, B, C etc)\client name\documentation and create 2014 at this level.

I guess the logic would be, go through directory structure and when you find documentation or correspondence in the directory name, create a 2014 folder under it.

Ideally it might create a list of the folders it had created in a log and where so if it goes wrong we can reverse it :)
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Plain batch; it's currently in test mode and will only display the "md" commands it would normally run. Remove the uppercase ECHO in line 14 to run it for real (and delete the log file after the trial runs):
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set SourceFolder=H:\Clients
set LogFile=Folders2014.log
set TargetFolderList="Correspondence" "Documentation"
set AddFolder=2014
for /d %%a in ("%SourceFolder%\*.*") do (
	echo Processing '%%~nxa' ...
	for /d %%c in ("%%a\*.*") do (
		echo   Processing '%%~nxc' ...
		for %%f in (%TargetFolderList%) do (
			if exist "%%c\%%~f" (
				if not exist "%%c\%%~f\%AddFolder%" (
					ECHO md "%%c\%%~f\%AddFolder%"
					if not errorlevel 1 >>"%LogFile%" echo "%%c\%%~f\%AddFolder%"
echo Done.

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networknAuthor Commented:
Doesn't seem to recognise the second folder for some reason? Correspondence was created not documentation
Works fine here; do the "Documentation" folders exist already? The "2014" folders will only be created if the target folders exist already.
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networknAuthor Commented:
Ugh, my fault, misread the email I was sent. All good thanks.
networknAuthor Commented:
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
A little simpler would be perhaps to use a specific dir command then use that to make the dirs, does this give the right dirs for you?

dir /b /ad /s *correspondence* *documentation*

If so then

@echo off
for /f "tokens=*" %%d in ('dir /b /ad /s *correspondence* *documentation*') do md "%%~d\2014" 2>NUL

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
I delayed posting there seeing only the original post of course, would have built on above to log but you have solution anyway it seems.

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