SSL doesnt work in Apache 2.4.7

We had to configure a php application on our apache server. However during a IT audit, they told us that the apache version we had was having security vulnerabilities. So we installed a secondary Apache container with version 2.4.7.

now we have the older version is 2.2, which is fully functional and running both SSL and normal http.

However in the second container (even if turn off the older version). The SSL/https part of the new version or new container wont load. only the http part would load with no issues.

Im not much into apache, so any guidance on this matter would help . attached are my config files for both old(current http / https working) and new version 2.4.7 (ssl/https not working).

Hoping any help would do.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Are you getting an error message?  SSL is normally tied to a specific IP address associated with the domain name in the cert.  You will probably have to move the new server to the old IP address for SSL/TLS to work.
rayboy28Author Commented:
no specific error. it just that the https site wont load up. but the http site is fine.  this is even with the old container turned off.

But the old container, works fine both http and https.
Further to Dave, are you telling us you are running two versions of Apache on the same server?
I cannot see how you can be loading SSL on the old version for an IP and trying to load it on another version for the same IP - it just wouldn't work.
Is this a standard SSL cert?
What is the link to the site?

And can you attach the two different httpd.conf and ssl.conf (probably one of these since they are/should be the same) files not folders with dozens of files that we have to go searching thru.
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rayboy28Author Commented:
oh .. but i keep the older container off, when running the new apache. i dont run them together.

below is the link of the new zip file. of old (current working version) and new (http working / https not working)
After rereading the Q again I realised you mean seperate installations.
Whats the link - this would be a lot easier
What happens when you access by https?
Have you installed SSL on the new server?
Is the firewall blocking 443?
What do you get when checking here

Is the new server on the same IP?
When starting httpd do you get any error messages about loading the ssl certs?
rayboy28Author Commented:
yes separate installations but on the same server. sorry i mentioned that wrong.
the link is of an internal data link between 2 data link sites. and is not put online.

Yes the certs are installed on the server in both installations. as mentioned in the older version, both http and https are working. While in the newer version only the https doesnt work.
rayboy28Author Commented:
the firewall is fine and is working
And the other questions...
rayboy28Author Commented:
ill head to the office in 7 hours. will get you more details if any errors.
::I'll be in bed by then::
rayboy28Author Commented:
:-). no worries. will leave them here.
rayboy28Author Commented:
if you could let me know if there is anything that i could check as well that would help.
If there was a problem loading the certs they would/should show when starting httpd.
If its a misconfiguration the site I gave would likely show that error.

But without an error message or some details from the Apache log it's impossible to guess what else to check.

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rayboy28Author Commented:
ok fine i will try to get max details.
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