exchange changed ip provider

ok, so we moved an exchange server,company shut down, to owners house. tried to hook up with residential line but of course it did not work. Hooked up to business line now that is supposed to not be blocking any ports,like 25 and 80, but exchange 2007 running on sbs 2008 is still not working...mxtoolbox says those ports are still blocked...what can i do ?
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
What is your setup?  What router / firewall do you have?  Are the ports open on the firewall?

Does show the ports as open?

MX record needs to point to the new static IP(actually the domain name needs to point to the new static IP i.e. > and MX record must point to

Router must have new IP address as external, port 25, 443 forwarded to email server internal IP.
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
Does show the ports as open?

shows them as not open

skipped past router completely at one point and it did the same firewall

nothing changed on the server, just the ip service provider..(comcast) and they swear that their business line doen't block ANY ports...

mx records correct as we have it routed to spam soap , filtered , then sent on to us at the NEW iP that comcast assigned, and per "" matches what comcast said it was.....if nothing changed except going to comcast then logic should dictate that The problem lays squarely on them..right?

the lan ips are exactly the same as they always were...
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No firewall on the server?  try running the tools from inside exchange management console.

how about running connect to internet wizard and fix my network in SBS console.
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
so i tried going to both the work station and the server and typing in the following at cmd prompt:

telnet 25
telnet 25


none of those let me through, and it is on a business what more can i do to prove that they, comcast, are blocking the ports?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Talk to 2nd line support and don't get fobbed off that they are not blocking you when you call them.

Talk to the Line Manager, escalate the call, cause hell until you get it working!!

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Very strange they're blocking outgoing  usually since many email server use port 25
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
so what i am typing should work if on biz line right?
i mean i am typing it correct right?

i can type telnet 25 to the server from the work station on the same lan ips and it works so i belive i am typing right commands to try to get to the outside world..
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Well - not guaranteed, but if you telnet to my server and don't get through, then you are blocked:

telnet 25

Does it work?
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
so that did give a response,where all other *.com just hang
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
but then again, it also works on my RESIDENTIAL line as i don't know what that means...???
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you can telnet to my server, port 25 is not blocked!

Did you run the Fix My Network Wizard as suggested earlier?
Your telnet commands i.e 25 & 25 would only work if those domains have those ports assigned to those domain names.
Telnetting to port 25 should connect to an smtp server. you can't expect all domains to give you a response on port 25.

I think your problem is port 25 incoming not outgoing. Have you tried telnetting into your system from outside you lan?  Give us your ip & we can try telnetting inbound.

Can you send email thru your exchange server to an outside email account?
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 25:
Connect failed

I did a port scan on your IP & on mine.  The results for your is in screencapture.jpg, mine are in screencapture1.jpg.  

Screencature2.jpg is your comcast business gateway.  Get the login info turn off the internal firewall.  Disable access from the outside.

I think your comcast device(modem/firewall) is blocking you. lots of phone company devices are also firewalls.  I always use my own router/firewall behind there's and set theirs to pass everything thru.
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
got it cleared with comcast
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