no inbound emails on SBS 2003 Exchange

We can send email but unable to receive email.
New SBS 2003 Exchange installation

-full internet name can be found and  
-OWA works just inside the network

MS domain collins.local
Internet domain is different.

Few emails bounced back, the ones doing it:
"550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for"

Any help is welcome....
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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
It sounds like exchange is not configured to accept emails for your external address.

have a look at

and add the domain


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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
on a side note.
I looked up the MX record for and it does not exist. Is this the external Email domain?

As a thought i looked up and that does exist. Is that you?

An SMTP test to worked fine.

75carlosAuthor Commented:
the recipient policy are ok.

internal domain is collins.local internet domain is

-From outside
.ping to the full domain name and it translate correctly
.telnet could not open connection to the host on port 2 (I did try to the ip address same result

-From inside (open the name of the server only) telent is able to open connection.

An important detail is that we have a proxy, now mcafee (but mxlogic in the past) I did open a case with them just in case, waiting response. Since mxlogic console offer the tools to test connectivity from the proxy to the host and find no problem.
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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
i just tried to a telnet to your gateway ( and it was successful. that means that McAfee(MXLOGIC) accepted the message and should try to forward it to you.

Without knowing the external IP address of your router and the port that you have shifted (if you are) your SMTP to I am unable to test further.

-From outside
.ping to the full domain name and it translate correctly
.telnet could not open connection to the host on port 2 (I did try to the ip address same result
I was able to "telnet 25" successfully.
Was it a typo above where you state port 2

75carlosAuthor Commented:
yes, it was a typo and I did open a case with MXlogic just in case.
For some reason only part of the restore got into the exchange configuration so I'll have to review everything.

The only special on the config is that the internal domains and the internet domain are different AND the inbound is coming from MXlogic.

The dns table (record A and mx) are ok and ip translation is ok as well.
75carlosAuthor Commented:
ok, it is working now, I just shutdown the server and turn it back on and it is accepting inbound. My guess is that even the config was ok it was accepting only the .local domain and not the internet one (both are different).
75carlosAuthor Commented:
thank you Andrew.
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