How can web start execute and run my Sierra-style Quest game


I am making a good ole Sierra primitive style quest in Java.

I am sticking to pure old-school graphics feel, not complete 320x200 pixels feel, but the larger brick method they used of about 4x2 of those pixels.
I have already made the drawing system to create EGA colored screens with the big scenic-pixels like in Space Quest 1 and King's Quest 1,2. Youtube has them if you'd like to see how they looked. King's Quest 4 used only pure EGA 320,200 size pixels, not bricks, but their earlier games used the big-block method to use less room to store each screen's bitmap data.

I'd like it to be Java web Start. - eventually launched from my website.
How do I set up a web project in Eclipse to be able to launch a JFrame that accepts mouse activity and behaves as it would in a normal Eclipse project?

This guy made a decent Youtube here for Web Apps, below.
But mine wont be a web-app collecting textfield data.
I just want a framework that can start my .java code and launch my game's JFrame

His Eclipse setup vid is here

beavoidSelf EmployedAsked:
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All you need is a link in the page to start the app, after having deployed it as Web Start. Just like they have here ('Launch')
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
Doesn't Eclipse do this all automatically at some stage? (during dev, e.g. )
I haven't used it for Web Start but you might find you can choose a Web Start type of project.
Even if it does, you'd do well to understand how it all works without the assistance of Eclipse
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mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
Ok, firstly lets make this clear. What you are talking about with Eclipse's "Web Projects" (or web application) has 0% to do with "Java Web Start". They are TOTALLY different things other than they both have the word "web" in them! For what you are talking about, Java Web Start is the one that you need so you can disregard anything about Eclipse's "web projects".

So now, the next thing to know is that you don't "create a new Java Web Start project in Eclipse". There is nothing specific in the the development of an application that requires you to tell Eclipse about Java Web Start at the beginning. You just start a normal Java Application, which is probably already what you have so in reality, you shouldn't need to redo anything just continue with what you already have.

All "Java Web Start" is is a deployment/launching mechanism. It is an alternative to creating some installer package with your code in it or even just creating a JAR file and emailing that to someone. They are all just ways of distributing your code, the exact same code that you have already started.

So I guess in the end, I am saying to you that you shouldn't get too hung up on the details of Java Web Start at the moment, it won't change how you develop your program at all. If you are interested in just seeing how it works (ie. if you need a distraction from the real job of coding your game :)  then have a look at the link the CEHJ provided above. As for Eclipse doing some/any of this automatically, there isn't anything built in but there does appear to be a 3rd party plugin that may assist in this. I haven't used it myself, but you may be interested in trying it out...   -    Download Page

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beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
Excellent links.
Ok, so I don't have to pay any attention to WebStart now, I can develop my game in a normal Java project style.
The JFrames and everything will appear the same once WebStart runs it?
Webstart is a normal JVM?

It will look exactly the same as it does when developed in Eclipse?

The JFrames and everything will appear the same once WebStart runs it?
Webstart is a normal JVM?

It will look exactly the same as it does when developed in Eclipse?
Yes. Bear in mind that anything distributed in Web Start will have to be signed. You can use your own self-generated and self-signed cert for this but it will appear to your users to come from an 'unknown publisher' unless you use a cert that's been signed by a CA
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
okay, thanks

btw, can I do everything in Python that Java can do? Are Python "JFrames" as good?

UNCW has kicked Java aside, so I'm curious about Python. It seems it is awesome for online games. Lots of gaming packages.


Will installing both Eclipse and Python on my Macbook cause issues, or is Python part of Eclipse now?
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
Webstart is a normal JVM?

It will look exactly the same as it does when developed in Eclipse?
Web Start isn't a different JVM, it is just a feature of standard JVM's.

As for whether it will look exactly the same or not, the depends if the user has the same JVM as the one that you are using. Although the promise of Java is that it works the same on all platforms and all JVM's, it is theoretically possible that there are some differences. But for what you are doing, I think all would be ok.

And Python? I have very little experience with it, so I can't really say anything to help you out.
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