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I've been asked to make some changes to a production project in VS 2012. the changes are quite basic, but i'm having trouble using VS 2012 integrated into Team Foundation Server 2010. unfortunately the developer who configured the environment has left and I'm carefully attempting to pick up where he has left off.

I've download the code locally and have created a sprint for the change. when i check in and merge the changes back to the trunk, it updates error free. but the updates are all local to my PC. when i view the source of my modified file from TFS it has the old content. how do i merge these changes to the production environment?

complete TFS newbie here if you can't tell and been so long since I used VS i need a good refresher as well. thanks in advance for your help.
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telliot79Author Commented:
further to my questions, I think I may have found the problem.

when i'm making changes to the project I check the changes in, and then merge them to my trunk. i also need to check my trunk in. This makes sense. is this the correct process?

what's throwing me off is when i look at the contents of the file in TFS it shows the original file, not the changes I've made. When I go to the compare tab I can chose my latest changeset and see the changes I've made there. am I doing something wrong?
Bob LearnedCommented:
What does your TFS project hierarchy look like?

Is the main trunk what you call production?

How are you merging changes?
telliot79Author Commented:
i've uploaded a snippet of the hierarchy.

yes, the main trunk is production.

I'm merging the changes by first checking the files in in the branch I'm working on, then right clicking the files, selecting Branching and Merging > merge. I then merge back to the trunk and have to check the changes in at the trunk as well.

once they are checked into the trunk, they appear to be uploaded to TFS but the content doesn't show this unless i do a comparison.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
"once they are checked into the trunk, they appear to be uploaded to TFS but the content doesn't show this unless i do a comparison."

I don't understand this step, and what you mean exactly...
telliot79Author Commented:
I check the changes in from the branch I'm working on, then merge them to the Trunk. Then I have to browse to the trunk in source countrol and check the same files in again. They appear to check into TFS at the trunk but when I look at the code from TFS it doesn't give me my latest changes.

does that make sense?
Bob LearnedCommented:
Where are you looking for changes?  Are you looking at local files or viewing from Source Explorer?
telliot79Author Commented:
on the contents menu of the TFS site. See the attached file for reference.
Bob LearnedCommented:
You and I use TFS in a different way.  I have never had any reason to use the web site, so I can't comment on that.  I do all of my work in the Source Control explorer, and with the Visual Studio options.
you may consider not to working on an own branch but use the main trunk instead.

to do so, you could use your current workspace. you should use the Source Control  Explorer and not the web interface as told by TheLearnedOne. the Source Control  Explorer can be found in Visual Studio when you go to the Team Explorer tab. then the entry 'Source Control' in the Team Explorer tree (last entry)  would open the Source Control  Explorer.

in the explorer you can navigate to the root folder of the main trunk and 'get the latest sources' from there. these sources would go into a different local folder which probably is at same (folder) level than your current branch. after that you could check-out/check-in directly from/to main trunk without merging.

note, you also could go the way you did so far. but then you would need to 'merge' all your changesets from the branch to the main trunk what is an additional step which could help with synchronization if many developers are working with the same sources but also could generate new problems.


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telliot79Author Commented:
Thank you both for your answers. Since I'm just working with TFS and am rusty in VS both sets of comments have been helpful and given me an idea of what I may be doing wrong with these tools.
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