Server 2012 Failover Cluster Shared Storage Issue

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 windows 2012 Servers and i have configured Failover Cluster on it.

Clustername: CLUSTER
Nodes: Node1 and Node2

My problem is that when i open the Failover Cluster Manger, i have following:

-No Roles configured at the moment
-2 Nodes and Both are up
-Disks under the Storage shows Blank
-Pools Under the Storage Shows Blank
-2 Cluster Network and use is (Cluster and Client) and both are Up.

Now, i have created a LUN from backend and mapped it to the both the Cluster Nodes. Hence, both the nodes are able to see the disk of 1 TB unallocated under the Computer Management - Storage - Disk management). So I have Created a simple Volume of 1 TB and Formatted as NTFS and added the Drive letter of K:\.

The problem is that each nodes can see the 1 TB of Disk but as a LOCAL disk.

Now when i go to the Failover Cluster Manager and click on the Disk and "Add Disk", it gives me an Error saying "No Disk Suitable for Cluster disks were found."

If i go to Pool and Click on "New Storage Pool" it opens the wizard and ask to name the new pool. but just below that it says "There are no Groups of Available Disks".

what i want to do is to add this 1 TB of disk on to Failover Cluster as a "Cluster Shared Volume".

I ran the Cluster Validation test and it gives an error of "No disk found"

can someone tell me where am i going wrong here?


Vikas ShahCurrently Seeking OpportunitiesAsked:
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First initialize those LUNs in disk management and take them online.
Then add them as regular disk in cluster storage and then map them to cluster CSV volumes

Vikas ShahCurrently Seeking OpportunitiesAuthor Commented:
Hello Mahesh,

I can see the Disk in Disk management as "OFFLINE". However, the only option i have is to make it Online. there is no option to initialize the Disk. I have able to Make it online Successfully.

After making it online, still it is not being displayed on Failover Cluster (Storage >> Disks).

Is there something i am missing ?


Ok, after making it online again right click and select initialize disk
Then you need to add those disk in cluster storage

Check below post for screen shots

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Vikas ShahCurrently Seeking OpportunitiesAuthor Commented:
I have made the disk Online and right clicked again as per given screenshots on the link.
However, what i can see is after making the disk Online:

1 TB

When i right click on it, i still have no option to initialize disk.
Have you tried to add those disk in cluster storage ?

If you could post cluster storage and disk management snapshots please

Vikas ShahCurrently Seeking OpportunitiesAuthor Commented:
Yes I tried adding those Disk in cluster Storage and soon as i go to the Fail over Cluster Manager and click on the Disk and "Add Disk", it gives me an Error saying "No Disk Suitable for Cluster disks were found."

i will provide you the screenshot in shortly.
Is this a ISCSI storage ?

In that case you need to configure that as well from ISCSI initiator properties before adding as cluster disks

If you are using FC disks \ LUNs then you can try cluster command line options to add disks to cluster group
Please Check it Here for step by step
The article is for 2008 R2, but hopefully works for 2012 as well.

Also ensure that cluster support is enabled from storage end


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