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Hi I have a computer at my house that I would like to be able to connect remotley on when I am at my work. Does anyone know of any free software that would allow me to be able to do that?
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Amiga500Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi hydrive1902,
LogMeIn ( is fast and has a free version or you can pay for a pro version with more features.
Teamviewer ( is similar and is free for personal use.
Hope this helps,

ryan80Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you open port 3389 on your router to your computer, you can use remote desktop, which is built into any windows machine.
Pradeep VIshwakarmaCommented:
yes u can do it but tell me which OS you are using in both desktop??
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SurranoConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:
IMHO LogMeIn is the non-plus-ultra

RealVNC is also a possibility

I believe TeamViewer needs someone at home to accept the connection
SurranoSystem EngineerCommented:
As for opening port: if you decide to do so, make sure you open port on your router as well.
As for OS support:
LogMein supports at least windows + MacOs
RealVNC supports at least windows + Linux
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
you can use ammyy admin. it is a free software and good one.
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:

Do anything works for you.

Thanks Aditya
hydrive1902Author Commented:
thanks everyone! log me in seems to be the best so far. thanks again!
SurranoSystem EngineerCommented:
... but logmein is no longer free; or is it?
it was still free when I wrote my comment but no longer:
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