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Windows 2008 R2 Print Server 64 bit

We have a W2k8 R2 server 64 bit, that we added Print Management. The initial machine name was used as the initial print server, but I want to add others. When I add another print server, they all come up with a Red Arrow(downward).
So I can't work on the added devices, adding printers, properties etc..., why?

When this is fixed can I also add, 32 and 64 bit devices to this server and it being 64 bit?

What is also the benefit to a print server vs just loading drivers and point them to the IP of a printer and print directly to the device?

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- Even if you have 64 bit server you can provide additional set of drivers which are 32 bit. Please refer below URL which will guide you how to do it on Print Server.

- Direct printing is fine when you do not need to manage it centrally. But print server allow you to make user management. You can manage user's access and put on various regulations on the Printer via Print Server setting. You can manage it centrally, like deletion of the jobs, adding users to the access over printer etc. If you have bigger organisation I would suggest using Print Server is the best choice
I did not get your first query about adding Print Server. Are you really trying to add another Windows 2008 Server as Print server in the domain or you trying to install new printers on your Windows 2008 Print Server?

You can face issues due to Print Spooler service is down on the server. Make sure you are installing correct set of drivers according to the OS you have on your Print Server i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit. In your case server is 64 bit so make sure you have installed this printer with 64 bit drivers. As I advised before you can later provide additional set of drivers for different OS types like 32 bit etc.
Having a print server you as administrator have the chance to manage all your printers as with direct print you have no control over.

With w2k8 r2 print server can have 64 and 32 bit drivers.

Direct vs print server:
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Thank you both for the quick replies.

reach2sandeep: within Print Management, if you right click on Print Management, you have an option to add/remove servers. So I was going to add one for 64bit and one for 32bit. Either way when I add the additional server, it has this Red Arrow on it and you can't do anything with it period.
Not sure why you adding one for 64 bit and one for 32 bit. You have option to install Additional Drivers option where you can add 32 bit and 64 bit drivers for same printer. So when User try to print from 32 bit client they can access the required set of drivers from the same server which is 64 bit. Have a try on this and advise back.
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Yes, I see now how it works and makes since. I just figured out though, I have to load the 64bit first before you can load 32bit. It gives you an incompatibility error.

Do you know why I can't add another print server to the same server and it work? They all come up with that red arrow.
I have never tried such option before but this could be linked with the compatibility, as you are trying to connect print manager of a server who is on 32 bit structure. So that is where it must be giving errors and causing issues. Have you tried to add 64 bit server in your print manager? Does it give you any errors? If not then it just the compatibility.
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Well, that's the kicker, I'm not installing anything yet. I just add the server and it goes in to a known manageable state, with the Red Arrow. So, if I just add a new server in the Print Manager area, they do not work, only the original print server that is there, when you add the role to the server.
To better understand, did you add another server on your old print server?
If the old server is 2003 and you add a 2008R2 server to manage, that's not going to work.
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No, I built a W2k8 R2 machine and added Print Management to it and started moving printers to it. What I didn't like is it defaulted the print server to the server name, so I wanted to build a new server under that with a better description name than the server name.
the red down arrow indicates that the server is down, check the IP and DNS name.
can you ping the servers with the red arrow.
the red arrow dose not have anything to do with compatability. it is connection related.
i would install the admin pack and use print management from the desktop, that way you dont have to log onto the server each time you need to add a printer or check and driver.
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Wouldn't any server you add use the same IP, since I can't get into it to change it. As soon as you add it, it's unmanageable.
Where do you get admin pack from?

Here's an example.
no each server have their own IP and and Host name, can you ping the test server.

admin pack
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I'm confused, I can't open properties of any server other than the original one that was created when I added Print Manager. Which defaulted to the server name. Any NEW print server I add, they all come up with the Red Arrow, like the 2 in your snapshot you added. QFLWHE05 & 09 at that point you can't do anything with them. You can't modify the print server at all.
can you ping the servers  that have the red arrow or log into them
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The server that we added Print Management to, we can ping and the print server that is initially configured when you add Print Management, that is by default the server name, works fine. If we go to the top of the tree and right click and add another print server, these are the once that never work. This is what I've been trying to explain.

So yes, we can ping the server and printers work under the main print server. Just can't add any more to this print server. Does this make since?
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For what ever reason, no one understands what I'm seeing. Now I can't even delete these test print servers. There just, red.
ok in my example I can go into add/remove server and remove the server with red arrows.
are you saying you are unable to remove the server from the add/remove window.

make sure the print spooler service and the LPD service are both running on the print servers with the red arrow.
I would recommend that you build the print queues on the actual server vs trying to do it from the print management tool, the standard TCP/IP port option seems to be missing, you will need that to create the printer queues.
once the printers are created they will show up in the tool and you can manage from there.
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Niabingi: ok that worked. The ones that are WERE with Red tags, are gone.

Still can't figure out how to have more than one working print server in this Print Manager though. The first one works fine, any additional added come up with red tags and you can't edit anything.
ok, what part of the solution worked, removing the sever with red arrows or starting the LPD service and print spooler service.
if when you add a print server it comes up with a red arrow and the server is up and running then the LPD service and the print spooler service needs to be started or restarted.
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The print servers are removed, yes.

I don't see an LPD service and Spooler is started.
ok you need to turn on LPD service , go into server manager and click roles, add role choose print and document server, click next, then next again check the box for LPD service and click next
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Ok, I go the LDP installed and it is running. Added another server and still the same.
ok is the DUR-PS server the same server as TSN-DUR-2K8-R2 with a different name, is there a real server called DUR-PS, if so you need to the DNS settings make sure the name resolves to the IP and the IP to the name.
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TSN-DUR-2k8-R2 was a test server, that ended up being the new print server, which is a VM. I just added print services to it. Then saw where I could add other print servers to the same machine, therefore tried and this is what I get all the time. Red marked servers.

I have to put a CNAME or A record in our DNS just for this to work?
HD, you did not answer my question, is the DUR-PS server a real server meaning can you ping that server by name(DUR-PS), what is the IP address is the IP address the same as (TSN-DUR-2k8-R2).
looks to me like you are trying to add a server that does not exist.
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No DUR-PS is not physical with an IP.  TSN-DUR-2k8-R2 is the physical server.
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ok, this is just the manager of physical servers. I thought you could build, like a VM, a virtual print server that used the same IP. Like hosting multiple website to the same IP, but CNAME or A records.

no,  only to manage actual servers
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Got it.
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Thanks for all the help and patience.
you are welcome, no problem