SQL server 2008R2 snapshot agent permissions

Hi experts,

What are the minimum or recommended permissions for the Windows account running a merge replication?  

I have read http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms151868.aspx but I could not write to the snapshot folder until I had changed the security of the login from public (with dbowner on the distribution database) to sysadmin.  Does the account have to be a sysadmin to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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PadawanDBAConnect With a Mentor Operational DBACommented:
It also needs to have db_owner on the publication database.  So try giving it db_owner database role on the publication database and remove the sysadmin server role.
colinspursAuthor Commented:
Ah!  I meant it has db_owner on the publication database...I had forgotten about the distribution database.  All fine now!  Tanks very much.
colinspursAuthor Commented:
Whoops - tHanks!
PadawanDBAOperational DBACommented:
No problem!  Always happy to help someone with getting least privileged security working!
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