Goldmine PE 2013 Report Printer Issue

I have a remote user of Goldmine who can't print the Statistical Analysis of Completed Activities from within Goldmine.  He can open the analyzer, set his parameters, hit analyze, get the results, but when he hits the print button (which should open the results in another window) nothing happens.  

He could previously do this, but his remote install of Goldmine needed to be reinstalled, and he no longer can print the report.

Attached is an image of the report analyzer.
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Attachment please?
btw, be sure a default printer is set on his machine.
joshparkerAuthor Commented:
Here is the attachment.  

There is a default printer selected on his machine.  The print functionality from the analyzer only opens the results to a new window, this is the part that is not working.  From there, you are able to select a printer and print the file.
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Got it. Not to beat a dead horse, but can you check to see that the printer selected in GoldMine is the default printer as well. The printer's driver is used in presenting a rendering, or preview of the final print.
joshparkerAuthor Commented:
The default printer in goldmine is set to the default printer of the machine.  Other reports print to the window and the printer correctly, it is only this analyzer that is not working properly.
GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:

Is the SyStatAn.fp file in the reports folder of the goldmine location?

This report is used to produce the report.

When you click to print it should open the report in a tab behind. Could it be hidden?

How many other tabs are open, there is a limit to how many goldmine will open (unsure what this limit is)
Finally, you can try replacing the report file (attached) in c:\program files\goldmine\reports\

(Change the extension to .FP)
joshparkerAuthor Commented:
The report mentioned above is located in the reports folder on his computer.  But, upon further investigation, I don't think his goldmine is seeing any of the reports in that folder.  In order to run a report, that he had previously created, I had to create a new report and browse to the file.  It also looks like the default public reports are not shown in the report center.  

Is there a spot where I can tell Goldmine that the reports are located? Or do you have any thoughts as to why Goldmine wouldn't be linking with that folder?
GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:
Did the goldmine install get moved and is now not in the same path as before?

The table REPORT32 has a path to each report file which is created apon installation (new database creation)

I would check the contents of this table and check what path there set too
joshparkerAuthor Commented:
The reports are missing from the table.  Is there a way add them to the table?
GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:
Best way is to create a sync set of the reports

on main system
Tools > Syncronize > Syncronization Wizard

Create a new transfer set and only select under Linked Documents - Report Records

Then use Sync wizard on remote and retrieve.

Hopefully this will create the missing records

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If, GMGenius's plan doesn't work, you can create a "new" report, and point it to the appropriate report file.
GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:
But this will be ok for the 1 report , all others would be missing still :D

I believe the sync will work. (unless they where deleted via GoldMine and there is now a tlog entry)
joshparkerAuthor Commented:
The transfer set created the missing records and fixed the issue printing the intial report.
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