Import and Export Wizard Warnings (SQL 2008 R2)

I am trying to export from a SQL database to Excel format using the Wizard. I put my query in and then I get the "Review Data Type Mapping" screen which has a bunch of Yellow Exclamation Points (WARNINGS).  See attached document.

 I don't know what to do to fix these or why I'm getting them. Can anyone help?
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You see those warning messages because the data types in the source and the destination don't match...

try to run the wizard and see if the data gets inserted into the table or not...

Just continue to the next time, since you've the On error (global) set to Fail by default, the task will fail, if it cannot insert the data into the table with an error message and then we can try to convert the data type, if necessary

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CityofDelrayBeachAuthor Commented:
Thanks Danny.

Attached are the Result screen and the Warning Message.
do you see all the data that you were trying to import in your table?
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CityofDelrayBeachAuthor Commented:
It's actually an export to an Excel file. I'm trying to check with the vendor if all the data is there, but I was just concerned with all those Warnings.  So should I just ignore them?

that shouldn't be a problem then but i would suggest using a csv rather than excel
CityofDelrayBeachAuthor Commented:
Thanks Danny!  I am using the Excel format and just ignoring the Warnings and all the data is coming through!
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