Firefox warning message

Using Firefox version 26.0 (Windows 7)
How can I disable the warning message "This Connection is Untrusted"
I did the following steps as recommended in other postings:
In Firefox, run  about:config, then set browser.xul.error_pages.enabled = true
and restart Firefox.  I am still getting this warning.   Any ideas on how to fix?
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MiftaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First please ensure correct system time, sync the pc to any atomic time server.

As you're using FF to access some specific page, can we stop the HTTPS validation competelt. It will stop the error, but not recommended.
Go to Tools - Options - Advanced  - Encryption Tab - Validation - Uncheck the validity.
Options - Advaned- Certificates - Validations- uncheck OSCP.
Is this trying to access an internal SSL site that has no valid certificate?
MiftaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are using self signed certificates. You can bypass this like below,
Click the link at the bottom of the error page: "I Understand the Risks" -> "Add Exception" -> "Get Certificate".
Leave the mark in the box at the bottom to "Permanently store this exception" if you trust that certificate.
Then Click "Confirm Security Exception" to enter the site.

But if you want to stop this, click on the "Technical Details". Check what it says.  And follow the instructions here
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fjkaykr11Author Commented:
@aindelicato, i don't think this is an internal issue because with Internet Explorer I have no warnings.  
@Miftaul, Thanks for the link.   I am getting this warning for every website I visit it is making it impossible to function.   I need Firefox for a web program otherwise I would use another browser.   I followed the steps in the link to delete the Cert8.db file and restart Firefox.  ANy other ideas?  Thanks again.
aindelicatoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Firefox uses its own certificate store unlike ie which uses the windows certificate manager.
fjkaykr11Author Commented:
@miftaul,  thanks for the updated info.  I checked under Validation and OSCP is already unchecked.
fjkaykr11Author Commented:
I never was able to resolve fully, but I have a better understanding on how this process works now.  Thanks for the  help.
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