XenDesktop 7 - Windows 7 Welcome Splash Screen Appears before Application

We are using XenDesktop 7 and we have several applications that need to be run from Windows 7 (Windows 7 Delivery Group in Citrix Studio) rather than the Windows 2008 XenApp server (Win2008 Delivery Group in Citrix Studio).

When we launch the applications using the Windows 7 OS, we get a full screen showing the Windows 7 Welcome Splash screen for 20-30 seconds (Please see attachments).  The screen will go away (returning the users desktop) and then the application will appear on the screen.  Is there a way to silent the Windows 7 Welcome screen from appearing before the application, so the user doesn't see it and it is transparent to them?
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Is this after you have already started your VDI session, then clicked on an application within Windows 7?
rmessing171ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I login into the Citrix Receiver and then the Storefront appears with my icons.  I click on a icon that has the software installed on a Windows 7 XenApp rather than a Windows 2008 XenApp.  The applications that run from the Windows 2008 Server Xenapp do not show a Windows 2008 Server splash screen, however the applications that are running from the Windows 7 Xenapp are showing the splash screen.  Any thoughts?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
There is no Windows 7 XenApp! If you are getting the Windows 7 splach screen, this means you are starting a Windows 7 XenDekstop machine. The two technologies are different.

XenApp technology running on Windows server platform (in your case 2008) is an Application/Session presentation technology. This means it starts your applications by streaming the screens seemlessly to your own device, giving you the feel that it is actually starting from your PC.

XenDesktop technology streams a complete desktop to your computer, which means you will see the Splash screen and preparing desktop as if you were starting up a new desktop/PC. After having it started, the virtual desktop will then contain the normal task bar and start button, exactly the same as you would have when starting a Windows 7 PC. Next you can start your applications from within the virtual desktop session as you were doing.

Hope this clarifys the situation.
rmessing171ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Mutawadi - Thank you for your response and clarification.  I am new to this technology, so please forgive me if I am not using the correct terminology, I will get the hang of it.

I have attached a few screen shots of my Citrix Studio settings.  Citrix Studio_DeliveryGRoup_Win7Apps.jpg shows my Delivery Groups and the Win7Apps group is what I am using to launch three applications (Win7_Defined_Applications.jpg) .  Yes, the Win7Apps group are Windows 7 desktops, however I am publishing the apps to run from Windows 7 as I would publish apps from the XenApp Windows 2008 Server.  What I am wrestling with is that I am only publishing the apps to run using the Windows 7 desktop, I am not published the entire desktop.  I am only publishing the use of the entire Windows 7 desktop with the Win7VDI -Delivery Group.  Since I am only publishing the applications from the Windows 7 delivery group (and not the entire desktop) why would the Windows 7 Welcome splash screen appear and then disappear after the application is shown on the screen?

Thank you for all of your assistance and patience.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I see what you mean. My understanding is that, even though, you are starting an application instead of the whole desktop VDI, you are actually consuming the whole VDI. That is to say, if one user, starts Maestro 95 from CTXXA11 VDI machine; no one else can start any application from that machine. Whereas, if you have published Maestro 95 from a Server OS machine, then several users can start that application (as well as other published apps) from that same machine simultaneously.

I guess, this is why it shows you the splash screen and desktop preparation. Because, actually it is starting a VDI in the background, even though eventually you are showing only the application to the user.

There might be some controls, or registry keys, that can suppress showing these to the user, but I don't have that knowledge (again I am guessing; there might or might not be).

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