How to open .dash file

Hi, I downloaded a file from YouTube with a .dash extension and can't open it.  Can someone help please?
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camtzAuthor Commented:
VLC did not work.  It will not accept the file.  Any other suggestions?
Per the Fileinfo link already mentioned, two other choices are RealPlayer and DashEncoder.
Links are in

Be sure this really is a .dash file.  Right click and then Properties to see.

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It does say quite clearly in the page:
"NOTE: If you have a DASH file on your computer, it is similar to a .PART file because it is incomplete. The file may need to be combined with other DASH files in order to be played."

In a basic way this could be like having an HTML web page saved to your computer without all the JavaScript, CSS, and other files to tell the page how to display elements, or having the HTML file but no images to load into it and all you see are blank placeholder boxes.

As far as I gather a DASH file is an instruction file that tells the browser or player where to find the other required multimedia components and how to play them.  As such the actual DASH file isn't a multimedia file in the normal sense, where it would require a specific codec to play the content.  It looks like this is Google trying to break away from the dependence on transcoding into FLV which relies on Flash Player and isn't suitable for many mobile devices.

Drag and drop your .dash file into a Google Chrome Browser window and see if the built-in multimedia player plays it.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Thanks foryour help.  I found a program that worked great.  Its called FLV converter.
camtz--Glad to have helped.  Thanks for telling us about FLV converter.
Vincent CalcavecchiaAudio EngineerCommented:
There is a program called Dashlane that stores paswords and account info and such. The file extensions for the secure export files are .dash. I do not believe it is any type of video file. I tried to open it with notepad being that it should be a text type file but it only had a bunch of encrypted coding. How can I open it and how do I fix it so that those files dont have notepad associated icons anymore? I know how to do the Open With command but I don't have the correct program to open it with
Hello Vincent, and welcome to Experts-Exchange.  I see that you only signed up today and have only made this one comment so far.  The way it works here is that you need to ask a new question of your own rather than piggybacking onto another question.  If you look back up the thread you will see that one of the comments is shaded green and shows as the "accepted answer".  The member who asked the question closed it out almost 2 years ago and accepted a solution.  each expert who contributed here, and also the person who asked the question, will be alerted by a notification here and an email about your additional comment, but it would not be proper for anybody to answer your question here, especially because your *.DASH file is not a multimedia type of file.

If you look up near the top of your screen you will see the blue "Ask A Question" button.  This will lead you through a question wizard where you can add the question to some specific topic areas by searching for key words, and you can add search tags like "Dashlane" "passwords" "encryption" "file viewer", or whatever you think appropriate.  If you click in the "Topics" field while you are composing your question (where it says "search topics") you can type "encryption" and you will be able to click on "Encryption" when it shows in the drop-down menu, and it will be added to that topic.  Other useful topics to add the question to would be "Miscellaneous" and "Software-Other".

I have a feeling, though, that you will get two different kinds of answer when you ask about this.
1. How do we know that you are not trying to hack into this protected file to get somebody else's passwords?
2. You will need the dashlane software to view the file.

I hope this helps.
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