Why do these values not display the same way every time?

The page in question is https://www.countryshowdown.com/new_map.php. When you pass your mouse over Nevada, you'll get a list of four radio stations. The problem is the way in which they're displayed. Instead of there being another station displayed to the right of KJRC, there's a blank cell. Now hover over Oklahoma. Perfect! No empty cells. Why do I have an empty cell over Nevada? You see the same thing in North Carolina.

I've gone out to the database and there's nothing obvious there, as far as a flaw in the data. There's just something about the way those two queries are running where I'm getting a cell and then a </tr></tr>.

Here's my code:

$allie = "select station_name from dbo_radio_stations where state_id='$bruce_row[state_id]'";
	$allie_query=mysqli_query($cxn, $allie);
		$whatever=mysqli_errno($cxn).': '.mysqli_error($cxn);
		$count++; // increment count
<table style='width:100px; border-spacing: 1px; border-collapse: separate;'><tr>
<?php while($allie_row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($allie_query))
$count++; // increment count
<td class='station'><?php echo stripslashes($allie_row['station_name']);?></td><?php
	if ($count % $maxcols == 0)
	 { // if modulus of count is = 0 then end row
	echo "</tr><tr>"; 
if ($count)
	{ // data exists
	 $fill = ($count % $maxcols); // current column
	if ($fill){ // if not last column already fill in blank columns
	for ($i = $fill; $i <= ($maxcols -1); $i++){
	echo "<td>&nbsp;</td>";
	echo "</tr>";
	 echo "</table>";

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What am I missing?
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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This is your code
<tr><td class='station'>KRJC</td></tr><tr><td class='station'>KOWA</td><td class='station'>KIXW/KIXF</td></tr><tr>

KRJC is on its own row then you start a new row with KOWA
What is the value of maxcols
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Yo, Gary! The value of my maxcols is 2. The code that you refer to above is correct with the exception that it should be:

<tr><td class='station'>KRJC</td><td class='station'>KOWA</td><td class='station'>KIXW/KIXF</td></tr><tr>

...in other words, two columns and then a new row. In some instances, I'm getting a new row after only one cell / column and I can't figure out why.
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Is your counter starting at 0

Not really sure
Add an echo
echo $count."-".$maxcols;
if ($count % $maxcols == 0)

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Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
It is. But you made me just think of something. The $count is is defined at the top of the page. Is it possible that after each iteration of the code, I need to reset the count? I'm smelling there, Gary, what do you think?
Me thinks you've hit the nail on the head - the echo would show the counter is not what it should be.
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
That did it!

Thank you, sir!
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