logmein alternative

hi guys, hope you are well.

if you arent aware of the fiasco that logmein is turning into and you currently use it, i would alert you to the following:

1) central licenses are now being billed per machine you have on your account.  my renewal cost will be nearly £1k
2) the new plugin-less product sucks. you cant run multiple sessions in one browser, nor can you log in to multiple accounts, all of which you could do with the plug in version. you also have to download a 3.4mb file to do remote support on EVERY new remote support window you open- its not supposed to do this, its supposed to be persistent but theres many people including me who this is not working for.

theres no way in hell i am paying £1k per year so i need an alternative. i have about 2000 machines on my account, most of which are rarely accessed.

it needs to do the following:

1) persistent remote support (essential) so i can log in after business hours
2) multiple support session at once (essential) so i can remote more than 1 machine at once
3) it'd be nice if it did on demand access too (like logmein rescue)

i dont mind paying a few hundreds of pounds per year for this if necessary.

your thoughts please....
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Have you looked at Centrastage? We have used it for the last two years or so. A good product with fairly good support. I believe it's $1.50 per device with the first 500 free IF you only need reporting once a week. We needed our clients live all the time so we opted for the full package.

We used Level Platforms for a year and were sadly disappointed with the outcome. Not to mention the cost was exuberant compared to other offerings.

Another option that wont break the bank is Spiceworks. We have it deployed across some of our sites that need limited monitoring and access.

I hope this helps.

247computerdoctorAuthor Commented:
thanks for this.

i dont really need reporting, just remote control although it looks ok for under 500 users. problem is that over the years i have about 2000 logmein clients on my account. someone may call me 3 years later and say "hey, you fixed our pc back in 2010.... can you help?" so its handy to have them there in my account.

any more suggestions guys and girls?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I bought ScreenConnect - lets me be be LogMeIn, GoToAssist, and GoToMeeting all at the same time.  You pay per concurrent connection capability.  While you CAN purchase maintenance, one license never expires and you run the server.  The agent can be easily deployed via group policy or installed via web.  They offer a trial - I tried it, installed in about 30 minutes and after an hour, I expected to buy it... just figured I'd let the trial finish up... Oh, and it's brandable.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Just to be clear, ScreenConnect:
1) persistent remote support (essential) so i can log in after business hours
Yes, just like with any tool, you must install the agent for this functionality
2) multiple support session at once (essential) so i can remote more than 1 machine at once
Yes, but you then have to decide how many licenses you want.  $325 for 1, discounts for 2 or more that get better and better depending on how many you want, and an option for an unlimited license.
3) it'd be nice if it did on demand access too (like logmein rescue)
Yes, it does this with several options.  No additional cost.
247computerdoctorAuthor Commented:
I found www.remoteutilities.com as well.

You can have as many sessions as you want on a single machine.  This is one of the important things.  I am one tech operating from 1 pc but I need to be able to do more than 1 remote session at once
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
From what I can tell, remoteutilities doesn't offer as much.  ScreenConnect has an android app and Linux and Mac compatibility.  It doesn't seem remote utilities does.  It's also potentially more expensive.
247computerdoctorAuthor Commented:
yeah, its not as fully featured yet, but it does allow you to have as many remote sessions open on a single pc as you want for 1 license which makes it ideal for me.

im still wating to hear from screen connect as to whether i have to pay per remote session i have open. sometimes i have 5 sessions open at once (on one pc) , and theres no way im paying 5 licenses for that, which is what their pricing seems to suggest. i'll see what they say.
247computerdoctorAuthor Commented:
looking at splashtop too as well as screen connect and team viewer.

think i'll get some popcorn and watch what unfolds until my subs expires in april with LMI.

thanks for all the advice.
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