Jim... I think I killed my SD card...

Hello all,

I messed up...

I just bought a 128GB SD card and to get better I/O from it I set the policies to "Better Performance" which of course forces me to Safely remove hardware before pulling the card from my laptop.  Which is how I always work already.

BUT... this time I was distracted and didn't wait for the confirmation message before removing the card.  Now none of my machines can access the card. An SD card is seen but nothing else, even the drivers don't load.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Setting this function, doesn't nothing much differently to the SD card itself. It doesn't magically switch something electronic on or off. If just tells Windows to use different timings to write to the SD card.
The only thing that can happen (because the timing can be off), are some file corruptions if you remove it too quickly. It does not mean you can damage the hardware (many people think USB hardware will be damaged when unplugging without the "safely remove" function. This is not true, it's just simple file corruptions, nothing more).
In your case, a full format of the the SD card should suffice (if not, clear the partition and make a new partition). If not, it's just some major happenstance that the card broke while you turned this feature on.
>>  even the drivers don't load.  <<  do you see the card reader installed in device manager without errors?
if there are errors, uninstall it; reboot and check if it installs fine
or download the latest driver for it
Jay-P_CAuthor Commented:
Windows is unable to activate the device...
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what device??  without you giving info - we know zilch = nothing
Jay-P_CAuthor Commented:
Windows sees a removable disc drive but indicates that the device has been deactivated because it was unable to install the drivers.  I've connected it to old XP latop, it sees an SD card with a RAW file system and 0 bytes available...

I tried formating but XP says it is unable to format the drive.

*banging head on desk*
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Do you have a friend with win7 or 8 and another card reader ? Try to format on his computer. If it's not possible on his computer, your card is defect.
can you answer my question : what device??  is it inbuild in the laptop - then tell us the model
as i said - if you don't give info - you just keep banging your head...since we can't help
you can also look in device manager as i told you - what result do you have there ??
...it sees an SD card with a RAW file system and 0 bytes available...

That's possibly all that is there, but we might as well assume that data can be retrieved. See if iCare Data Recovery Free Edition can give any report of available data items. I don't know if that free version can give much help, but it should help us know what the condition of any data is.

Let us know if anything is detected.


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if you want to try revocery soft, look with Getdataback : http://www.runtime.org/
Jay-P_CAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

I think the poor thing really is dead...

When I plug it into a computer the device manager indicates that a hard drive is installed but has no details other than the location being the SD slot.

In the status box it reads:  peripheral deactivated (Code 22) and when I click the "activate peripheral" button the process simply fails with windows stating that it was unable to activate the peripheral.

I must say that I'm translating from a french OS so the text may not be exact but I think you get the general idea...

I could maybe return it for replacement but I am worried about the fact that there is sensitive personal information on the card (that could be potentially used for identity theft).

Thanks again.
jayn you still did not answer my question : what device, and on what PC this happens
without info, we can't help much
but it does look like a dead reader, or card
Jay-P_CAuthor Commented:
Okay after testing the SD card reader in my Dell Lat E6410 with known good SD cards, the flippin' thing looks dead...

Am now trying to recover lost files using a Dell Precision with builtin SD card reader and iCare data recovery.

I have a feeling that when the reader kicked the bucket, it took the card with it.  Talk about a double whammy.

With 244777 sectors to scan, I'll be patient and see what happens next.

Thanks for your patience guys, I'll get back to you when the scan is done.
Jay-P_CAuthor Commented:
Ok well the SD card reader on my laptop really is dead... and it did take my brand spanking new 64GB card with it when it croaked.

iCare data recovery did however allow to recuperate the more essential files that were on the card but that's it.

Thanks for your patient help, it was greatly appreciated.
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