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Outlook hangs on Delta Itinerary emails

All of our users who receive Itinerary emails from Delta (which are graphic heavy) have significant issues printing or forwarding them.  Both tasks can take more that 5 minutes.   Other graphic heavy emails do not have this problem.

I tried saving the email as an HTML and it prints in seconds so I assume the problem is something that Outlook is doing.

I am sure the Delta component to this is irrelavant however those are the only emails that behave this way.
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Alexios Valonasis
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Test in Outlook Safe Mode if the problem still occurs and post the results

1. Click Start | Run.
2. In the Open box, type: "Outlook /safe" (without the quotation marks)
Notes: There is a space character between Outlook and the forward slash (/).
3. Click OK.

The above will tell us if an Outlook add-in is causing the problem
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It behaves exactly the same way.
When you say "graphic heavy" what do you mean exaclty?
It is essentially a printable boarding pass so it looks like a ticket.
If it's a large file and your systems are not so strong this is the reason for the delay

Also check the pst file size and post it please
These are exchange mailboxes and the server specifications as well as the client specs well exceed recommendations.
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