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Infopath and Sharepoint Form issues


The company I work for is in the process of switching from paper-based forms to web-based forms.  We hare using Sharepoint and Infopath 2013.  Because this is a new practice no one here knows how to best accomplish this task and it has fallen on my shoulders.  I am new to not only IT (as a new employee here) but also to SP and IP!  I am attempting to train myself on both softwares and figure out how to have the forms I have created on the new website (we are switching from 2010 to 2013) with the ability to submit the forms using a workflow.  I am having a lot of issues.  Let me explain a little of what we need and what I have run in to.

This is my biggest and most prominent issue at the moment: As a university we have a lot of forms that need to be processed, from check requests, to purchase orders, to vacation and sick leave forms.  Ideally we would like to be able to have one library designated to each department (Business office, HR, Admissions, etc) with all of the forms for that department available in that library.  For example, we want to be able to have a library called Business Office and then have different subs of that library (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll) as each of those sub-departments have lots of forms and only need access to their particular forms.  Then as a user, I could go in to the forms location in SP, click on business office, click on AP, and select the form I need to update, fill it out, and submit the form, all within the web browser.

Here is the issue I am running in to--I have run in to the issue that only one form can be connected to each form library.  This would mean that every form we have would need it's own library.  And the only way I can create a form library is at the app level.  What I want to know is if there is a way to create a form library that contains several different forms, all able to be submitted to a different location with a different workflow?  

I tried creating a form library and in that library creating a folder (Business Office) and within that folder creating a folder (AP).  But when I go to publish my form it asks me which form library I want to publish it to and only gives the main form library option which then ties that form to each folder.  (I hope I am making sense to someone out there!!)

Is my ideal possible?  What is the best way to achieve my ideal or something close to my ideal?  We really don't want to have a list of 50+ forms along the side of our webpage--we'd like to be able to organize these forms in any way.  

ANY help would be appreciated!!  I am reading books, watching tutorials, reading forums, and so far I haven't found anything to help with this issue!
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