Update SQL Date

can you please help,
I need to update a lot of orders dates to a specific business date of the month.

6th Business day in Jan 2014 is Wednesday 8th, 2014
NextRunDate  = '2014-01-08 05:00:00.000'

UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of January' where ScheduleID = 1704
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of Feb' where ScheduleID = 1706
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of March' where ScheduleID = 1752
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of April' where ScheduleID = 1753
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of May' where ScheduleID = 1754
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of June' where ScheduleID = 1755
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of July' where ScheduleID = 1756
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of August' where ScheduleID = 1757
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of Sept' where ScheduleID = 1759
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of Oct' where ScheduleID = 1761
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of Nov' where ScheduleID = 1762
UPdate schedules set NextRunDate = '6th Business day of Dec' where ScheduleID = 1763

Your help is appreciated.
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Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
In your business / country / world how do you define '6th business day'?
Reason I ask is because SQL Server does not have a 'business day' function, and everyplace is different.  National holidays, state holidays, Green Bay Packers football games, Dave's birthday, special events, etc.  

I have an article out there on How to build a SQL Calendar Table, that will enable you to have a table of days, and specifically define what's a business day and what's not, so that you can pull off a 'give me the 6th business day' and be guaranteed of success.

Good luck.
W.E.BAuthor Commented:
business day is M-T-W-T-F (no matter if it is a holiday or not)
SharathData EngineerCommented:
check this.
DECLARE @workDays int, @calDays int,@NextRunDate datetime
SET @workDays = 6
SELECT @calDays = @workDays / 5 * 7 + @workDays % 5
WHILE DatePart(dw, DateAdd(dd, @calDays, '01/01/2014')) IN (7, 1)
  SET @calDays = @calDays + 1
SELECT @NextRunDate = DateAdd(dd, @calDays-1, '01/01/2014') 

Update schedules set NextRunDate = @NextRunDate 
-- Add your WHERE condition if needed.

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W.E.BAuthor Commented:
This works for January,
what about the rest of the months?

SharathData EngineerCommented:
Do you want to update all jan records with 6th workday of Jan, feb records with 6th workday of Feb and so on..?
W.E.BAuthor Commented:
that is exactly it.

thanks for your help.
SharathData EngineerCommented:
How many years worth data you have? 1 year?
W.E.BAuthor Commented:
1 year.
SharathData EngineerCommented:
check this query
you can change the 6 to whatever number you want.
DECLARE @workDays INT 
SET @workDays = 6; 

     AS (SELECT CONVERT(DATE, '1/1/2014')  StartDate, 
                CONVERT(DATE, '12/1/2014') EndDate 
         UNION ALL 
         SELECT DATEADD(MM, 1, StartDate), 
           FROM CTE 
          WHERE DATEADD(mm, 1, StartDate) <= EndDate), 
     AS (SELECT StartDate, 
                ( @workDays / 5 * 7 + @workDays % 5 ) - 1 AS calDays 
           FROM CTE), 
     AS (SELECT StartDate, 
                calDays + CASE DATEPART(dw, DATEADD(dd, calDays, StartDate)) WHEN 1 THEN 1 WHEN 7 THEN 2 ELSE 0 END AS calDays
           FROM CTE2) 
   SET T1.NextRunDate = DATEADD(dd, T2.calDays, T2.StartDate) 
  FROM schedules T1 
       JOIN CTE3 T2 
         ON CONVERT(VARCHAR(7), T1.NextRunDate, 102) = CONVERT(VARCHAR(7), T2.StartDate, 102) 

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just checked the next 6th workday for each month and its looking good.
StartDate	NextRunDate
2014-01-01	2014-01-08
2014-02-01	2014-02-10
2014-03-01	2014-03-10
2014-04-01	2014-04-08
2014-05-01	2014-05-08
2014-06-01	2014-06-09
2014-07-01	2014-07-08
2014-08-01	2014-08-08
2014-09-01	2014-09-08
2014-10-01	2014-10-08
2014-11-01	2014-11-10
2014-12-01	2014-12-08

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W.E.BAuthor Commented:
thank you.
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