Scaling a Conversion Macro

EE Pros,

I have a very nice conversion macro that Gowflow has built for me.   I'm now "scaling" it.  I need a simple enhancement so that when I add a two new variables (reference location and USD Amount) it automatically calculates the conversion value and places the value in the reference cell.  

That's it!  Code and comment attached for your viewing pleasure!

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Is this what you want  ?
Bright01Author Commented:
Almost!  The math is correct and it does place the new new value (Converted) in the reference cell. But if you then go back and change the USD Value, it doesn't automatically update the values and reference cells.

Your right. Sorry my mistake !
Check out this one.

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Bright01Author Commented:
Soooo close!  One little tweak...... when I change the reference cell to something else after it is established, it doesn't delete/eliminate it from it's previous reference point.  Take any reference cell change the location and you will see what I mean.  The new value will appear in the new cell,,, but the old value will remain in the cell no longer referenced.  

This is a minor issue if it causes a problem with the code...but does help.


WOW !!! you keep on wanting to go to the moon and call this minor !!! ???

Well ... you should put the rules right from the start not start building one after the other.

Keeping track of what the user will change in a cell ... before it is even changed this need also different setup.
Bright01Author Commented:
Great work!  I'll continue to build on this as I scale it.  Much thanks and very good macro!

My intention was not for you to turn away but to understand that it is not just simple in EXcel to do what you requested. If you want it then we need to track moves prior them happening and this need a different setup.

So if you want to post something new take this into concideration and ask for it. Will be glad to assist.
Hi Bright01,
Any news ? I hope you were not offended by my last comment. I would very much like to continue helping you but frankly the issue that you requested need real setup.
I am ready let me know whenever you need something by posting a link in here.

Bright01Author Commented:
Hi Gowflow,

Thanks for inquiring.....!!  In fact, I've posted another question based on a slight flaw once the code is integrated.  You see, I have a formula that sits in the Currency cell for the USD Amount.  What happens is when I update the amount on another WS (in the same WB) it won't update the conversion currency (unless I go to the end of the cell formula and hit enter).  I think it's something fairly easy to fix,.... but I have no idea how to do it.

Hope you will pick it up.

Thanks in advance,

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