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Automated tool to split up/section off an Adobe PDF

Hello all,

I am looking for a tool that can automate (via script) the process of separating a large poster-style PDF document into predefined sections and creating a new page-by-page PDF.

The source document is in InDesign... so if this can be done within InDesign, that is acceptable. Otherwise, a free tool is ideal, pay tool is also acceptable.

Thank you,
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Doug Van
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I made an illustration of what I am seeking, just in case my description wasn't clear.

One of the primary requirements is that I must be able to automate this conversion (always the same document) via batch file.

Thank you.

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I'm sorry. Don't know any such script.

But you could do this by setting up a four page document in InDesign. Set the pages to be a four page spread.
Place your PDF and let it cover the whole spread.
Export pages as a PDF and use Acrobat to split the pages into individual pages.

Report if you would need extra help with how-to's of this procedure.
Thank you sigurarm,
To clarify, I need to print this document (from InDesign) in both the original poster format and as individual pages.
If I am able to reformat the InDesign layout, without too much effort, all the better.

Any tips?
It looks like the original format is a one page spread but with four pages on it. Is that correct?
The original format is a custom 2 page (front/back) with 4 columns each.

I would start by duplicating the original file and use one for the poster size and one for the split format. (Keep one extra copy of the original in a safe place).

The poster format should be easy, just output a pdf as a spread.

For the split version I would use the spread pdf's and place them into a new ID file that has set four individual pages in a row as a spead.

To make that file, make a new document with four pages.
In the Pages panel menu, the flyout menu, uncheck: Allow Document Pages to Shuffle.
That allows you to drag the pages around until they form a four page spread.
Now you can place the pdf's onto the leftmost page and it will spread over the four page spread.
Export as Pdf. I think there is a script available that allows to to export each pages as individual pages. I can search for it, but splitting multiple pages pdf to individual pdf's is built into Acrobat and really fast procedure.

For my curiosity: Are you making many of these or just this one you showed?

Let us know if we are on the right track.
Hello Sigurarm,

Thanks for your support. I really hope I misunderstood you but it seems as though you are suggesting I make two separate documents, one in poster style (original format) and another for in individual page format.

That is definitely not ideal because that would mean that I would have to maintain/update the same document twice as changes are required.

Either, I require an external tool to extract pages from the original poster PDF or I need to format the original InDesign document so that it can print both a poster style PDF and individual page PDF format.

Thank you.
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Sigurdur Armannsson
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Thanks Sigurarm, since I found the solution, I awarded myself... but I gave you points for your much appreciated effort.