PDF fillable form

Is there anyway I can make a PDF form fillable , so when people fill the form ,they can directly email me (I know they can save it and email the pdf) , but I am interested emailing directly

Thanks in advance
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Submit the filled in data (not pdf) to your server and store the data or use the data to recreate the pdf with the data received.
fparviniAuthor Commented:
Thanks , but I want the people to see the same PDF form, either print it, fill it and then print it, or fill it and email it.
They can still save/print etc, the only difference is they don't need to save it first and then attach to an email.
Depending on the version you are using you could add a button, click the button and change the type to Submit and set Send PDF.
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fparviniAuthor Commented:
OK, so the question is how to save the data from the PDF to the server
What do you want to do with the data - save it to a PDF or store in a DB or ...?
fparviniAuthor Commented:
I have the pdf form, if I save it on DB on server, need a tool to retrieve it.
I just want people to see my PDF, fill it and the information gets email to me, that is it.

I don't know if you have Acrobat Pro, but if you do it is child's play.

There is 2 ways of doing this, either from within Acrobat (if you want to mail your form to everyone, or as a standalone form (when you have these out there, but need them mailed back as and when)

Automatic Distribution
First you need to set the form, once your form is ready to go, you need to distribute it for the mail collection to work.

If you open the form in Acrobat, go to Forms> Distribute and walk through the wizard choosing the options most appropriate to you. It will ask for an email address and other data (name, company etc.) This will complete your information in the identity section of Edit>Preferences, which is always used for the response address.

You can then customise the email message and send. Any required reader rights are automatically applied.

Depending on your email application, the email will then appear in your email client for final sending. The user will see a system generated band on top of the form with a 'Submit form' button.

It will create a response tracker and you see who has responded and who hasn't amongst other stats.

Standalone Form
You simply add a form button in form editor, and make this with a Send reply or return form caption, open the properties with a right click and then you add in the Actions tab 'Submit a form' to the action list.

This will open a dialog and there you can select if you just want form data or the whole form sent back. Both do the same thing btw, if you get form data then you collate this in your master form, if you get the whole form you skip this step.

In the url box, enter the URL for your response address as mailto:name@domain.suffix

This will then prompt the user upon clicking, how he wants to send the form back, and what client to use.

In both scenarios
You may want to decide to have mandatory fields so users don't send the form back half empty. You can do this in the individual properties on the General tab and select 'Required'

This is a very quick overview, if you need more help please let us know.


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fparviniAuthor Commented:
I have adobe acrobat , but couldn't get it worked
Will share the problem
fparviniAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Hi ,
Was not practical and something I was looking for
fparviniAuthor Commented:
Please close
fparvini please delete the question and not accept your own comment.
There is no point keeping a question that is not answered.
fparviniAuthor Commented:
I need to delete this question , please help .

This is the response from live support :
"On any open questions, that did not get comments that resolved your issue, you need to post a response indicating the result and then accept your posting as the solution. This will close out the question."
Under your opening question click the Delete link.
The answer provided for your problem was the right answer, if you chose not to implement it please provide a valid response that explains why the answer was not applicable to you.

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Please elaborate how we can help you resolve the issue.

Thx capt.
fparviniAuthor Commented:
It was not practical , because it requires a software.
I don't understand. You have Acrobat Pro to create the fillable form. Your users only need Adobe Reader to complete it and all the functionality for emailing is contained in the PDF.

What software is required?
fparviniAuthor Commented:
Hi ,
Please close this ticket, I don't consider this as active ticket anymore
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