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PDF fillable form

Is there anyway I can make a PDF form fillable , so when people fill the form ,they can directly email me (I know they can save it and email the pdf) , but I am interested emailing directly

Thanks in advance
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Submit the filled in data (not pdf) to your server and store the data or use the data to recreate the pdf with the data received.
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Thanks , but I want the people to see the same PDF form, either print it, fill it and then print it, or fill it and email it.
They can still save/print etc, the only difference is they don't need to save it first and then attach to an email.
Depending on the version you are using you could add a button, click the button and change the type to Submit and set Send PDF.
OK, so the question is how to save the data from the PDF to the server
What do you want to do with the data - save it to a PDF or store in a DB or ...?
I have the pdf form, if I save it on DB on server, need a tool to retrieve it.
I just want people to see my PDF, fill it and the information gets email to me, that is it.
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I have adobe acrobat , but couldn't get it worked
Will share the problem
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Hi ,
Was not practical and something I was looking for
Please close
fparvini please delete the question and not accept your own comment.
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I need to delete this question , please help .

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Thx capt.
It was not practical , because it requires a software.
I don't understand. You have Acrobat Pro to create the fillable form. Your users only need Adobe Reader to complete it and all the functionality for emailing is contained in the PDF.

What software is required?
Hi ,
Please close this ticket, I don't consider this as active ticket anymore