Calling javascript with ClientID

I have an asp text box that sits within a gridview. I would like to call a javascript method OnBlur and pass the ClientID of the textbox to the javascript method. How to do. Below is my markup. Any help would be much appreciated. Code below does not seem to work.

<asp:TextBox ID="txtInsertUnitRCVEmpty" TabIndex="81"  OnBlur="javascript:checkforvalidation('<%= txtInsertUnitRCVEmpty.ClientID %>');" onkeydown="return isNumber(event);"   Width="100px" runat="Server" Text="0.00"></asp:TextBox>

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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pass the object using this

<asp:TextBox ID="txtInsertUnitRCVEmpty" TabIndex="81"  OnBlur="javascript:checkforvalidation(this);" onkeydown="return isNumber(event);"   Width="100px" runat="Server" Text="0.00"></asp:TextBox>

In your function you can then access its properties e.g.

function checkforvalidation(elem){
leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
replace : OnBlur="javascript:checkforvalidation('<%= txtInsertUnitRCVEmpty.ClientID %>');"
by : onblur="checkforvalidation(;"
Kamal KhaleefaConnect With a Mentor Information Security SpecialistCommented:
you can solve this by binding it through grid view row data bound

  If e.Row.RowType = DataControlRowType.DataRow Then

            Dim MyTextBox As TextBox = e.Row.Cells(3).Controls(1)
'you can change this e.Row.Cells(3).Controls(1) to find the control

            If Not MyTextBox Is Nothing Then
                MyTextBox .Attributes.Add("OnClick", "javascript:checkforvalidation(" & MyTextBox.ClientID& ");")

            End If
        End If

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jazzcatoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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