Where to get Nokia E72 parts - inductor and fuse

hi experts

i am looking for two electronic components for my Nokia E72 (yes, a legacy Symbian phone!)  as they were lost in an accident. as the result, the phone can't be charged over the charging socket at the bottom.

please see below the photo and schematic for where and what they are.

Component locations on the E72 motherboard
Component locations in the E72 schematic
can i buy or get them from somewhere?

Inductor - 220R / 100MHz
Fuse - 2.0A (5119045) --- this one?

any suggestions on how to fix it?

thanks heaps
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bbaoIT ConsultantAsked:
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You can try Mouser and Digikey.
You also need to know the physical size of the components in mm (0804 or 0402).

You could also just bypass both of them with a single piece of wire with minimal risk.
The inductor is a noise filter, but you still have one in the circuit.
The fuse protects the phone if your 1A charger goes crazy, but I've never seen that happen.

If you are really worried, you could put the fuse in the charger wire.
bbaoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
thanks for the links, they are really a great collection for electronic components.

i checked the online catalogue, the choices are a lot but i just cannot determine which one could be fully compatible with E72 phone (or any other specific Nokia phone) as Nokia. the brand, is not a vendor listed there.

just matching the spec and size seems not able to give me the confidence...
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>>  just matching the spec and size seems not able to give me the confidence...

It is hard to inspire confidence over the internet, but let me say again that these two components really are not critical.  I believe you could bypass them entirely with no problems.

I interpret the spec of the inductor (220R/100MHz) as 220 ohms reactance at 100 MHz.
That implies an inductance of    L = 220/(2*pi*100E6)  = 350 nH

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bbaoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
nH, Nano Henry? so small...
bbaoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
sometimes a number does matter. :-) thanks for your help and time.
Yes,  350 nanohenries is a small value.

But the purpose of this part is to block very high frequencies (like FM radio band around 100 MHz) from getting into the phone while you are charging.  The length of the charging cord is typically 1 meter, which is fine antenna length for FM radio.
bbaoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
thanks for the explanation d-glitch.

it seems for me i better not to bypass the components now as i am hoping to get organ donor like this. :-)
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