Exchange 2003 not sending to cell phones

I just recovered from a major catastrophe that took out my Domain Controller and Exchange boxes. I've managed to rebuild everything, but one thing isn't working. Recieving Exchange emails on the university cell phones.

I can ping the server and OWA works, and sending it to the desktops on the LAN works, but although nothing has changed on the Exchange server hardware-wise or IP-wise, I did have to completely wipe out the install and start over.

Is there some setting I'm missing to get this last, vital piece working again? It is Exchange 2003 w/ SP2 running on Windows Server 2003 Standard R1.
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Please check your server settings using my article and shout if you have any questions or can't get it working:

When you use OWA on a desktop, even though it works, do you get any certificate warnings in the browser?  I've seen this cause some phones to fail to connect.  
I'd also suggest you do a test with one phone, and check the exchange logs for that time period to see if ANYTHING pops up there.
Try running Microsoft's connectivity analyzer. Link below. Obviously some tests will not work on 2003; unfort, I've never tried any on 2003 so not positive it works. But the active sync test might be helpful if if works.
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
The test does work with 2003 happily if you specify manual server settings and don't select anything that has Autodiscover next to it.

Any reason in particular why I received a B grade?  Not sure what your fix was, but might be helpful to others in the future.  If I "resolved" the issue for you, would appreciate a heads up as to why I didn't receive an A.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I too would like to know what fixed the problem - for the benefit of others who might find this question further down the line.

Mike - Can you please share the solution.

Many thanks

mikejcurtisAuthor Commented:
Well, the fact is, none of the suggestions gave a resolution, but I got scolded last time this happened for not giving the points to SOMEBODY, which is not how it used to be on this board, it used to be if you resolved the issue yourself, or didn't get a proper resolution, you didn't give out points, but whatever.

What the issue turns out to be as I learned after opening a pay per incident with Microsoft is that many of my users are above the 5k folder recommendation on Exchange 2003. So each morning all the mobile devices start trying to sync thousands of folders. This causes the Exchange System Attendant to choke up and just stop servicing requests.

I suspect this may have something to do with my Sunbelt Exchange Archiver not performing correctly, since it just started happening after my Domain Controller crashed. and not notifying me, but I'm still not sure of that.

In short, the problem is NOT solved. The only solutions are to upgrade my Exchange server to 2007 which allows 20,000 folders, or to Exchange 2010 which allows 100,000 folders, or go to each user and help them port some of their data into a PST. I'm not interested in moving backwards to PSTs so I will be upgrading my server.

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Actually, what you want to do in a case like this is to write a quick note of what's happening or what was resolved.  Then pick that as the solution.
mikejcurtisAuthor Commented:
Alrighty. thank you.
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