I'm having the darnest time trying to successfully configure SNMP in GFI remote management. I am a noob understanding of SNMP so I'm sure that's a big part of the block. I've already spent countless hours googling SNMP, going to the vendors sites whose gear I want to monitor and talking with GFI and no one is too helpful so far. It's seems SNMP is pretty scattered and GFI doesn't want to help too much.  
Anyway, can someone either send me to the last last place I'll need to go to get SNMP and GFI working together? I would really like to get LSI MegaRAID 9260 and Dell Perc controllers working.

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Using SNMP V1/V2 is simple and easy.  You just need to know the IP address of the host you wish to query and the read community name.

However, some of this you may know, but:

1)  LSI MegaRAID 9260 and Dell Perc  are RAID controllers, not hosts.  They don't have IP addresses and have NO way to get SNMP directly out of them.

2) In order to get SNMP information out of them, whatever they are installed in must have a SNMP agent installed, configured, and up and running.  This could be a computer running Window, Linux, any of the BSD operating systems, or any other OS, or this could be SAN or NAS device.

3) The host(s) with these devices installed may need some extra software downloaded and installed.  This software will get the information from the controllers and then populate the MIBs as needed when requested.


What are those RAID controllers installed in?

Does that have SNMP setup and running?
finkeltronAuthor Commented:
I'd like to start with the LSI controller. It's installed in a Dell Server. I've installed the LSI SNMP agent for the controller and MegaRAID management application. The SNMP agent or add-in doesn't seem to have a configurable application but does show up in the "programs and features" in Windows controller panel. I do have Windows SNMP service installed and running. See screenshots.
On the windows box do:

netstat -an | findstr /c:"161"

and make sure that you see UDP port 161 open.  Did you follow the instruction in the readme file for LSI's SNMP Agent:

What happens in GFI when you configure it to query SNMP information on that Windows box.
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finkeltronAuthor Commented:
UDP            *:*
 UDP          *:*
 UDP          *:*
 UDP          *:*
 UDP    [::]:161               *:*
 UDP    [::]:55161             *:*
 UDP    [::]:56161             *:*

This part confuses me. "Step 1. Use SNMP Manager to retrieve the data (It is assumed that you have compiled mib files already). The mib files are available at the same location as setup.exe" What do i do with a MIB file? Also how do I configure the GFI SNMP check?

Other than that I believe the SNMP service is setup. Would you agree from the screenshots attached?
Is "GFI" GFI Max?  I've never used that specific product.  However normally you would add a "host" to monitor, enter the hosts IP address and SNMP read only community name.

If GFI does not already include the MIB's for the LSI device, then you need to put the MIB source file on the same box as GFI is running and follow GFI's  instruction for compiling MIBS.
finkeltronAuthor Commented:
Yes it's GFI Max. GFI support says they do not have provide support for SNMP other than the  built in modules that are included. I have to get this from the hardware vendor. So the typical back and forth rhetoric. Where in the file system do I put the MIB file?
You need to check the doc/help for GFI to see how to load/compile MIBs.
finkeltronAuthor Commented:
This is the only doc I can find in GFI help.

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finkeltronAuthor Commented:
I don't understand SNMP enough to go further.
finkeltronAuthor Commented:
Solution was a generic doc anyone has access to.
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