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running for loop for different sheets based on value in other sheet


Below is my code and this calls up values in sheet 8

  For i = 2 To Sheet8.UsedRange.Rows.Count
      val1 = Range("A" & i).Value
      val2 = Range("B" & i).Value

How do I change the specifc loop to select different sheets based on another sheet value, i.e. like so:

 If Sheet1.Range("F1") = "5" Then
   For i = 2 To Sheet8.UsedRange.Rows.Count
 ElseIf Sheet1.Range("F1") = "9" Then
    For i = 2 To Sheet9.UsedRange.Rows.Count
 ElseIf Sheet1.Range("F1") = "O" Then
      For i = 2 To Sheet10.UsedRange.Rows.Count
End If

all help will do
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