Same image, same printer, two different computers, totally different print output?

I have a Mitsubishi CP9550DW photo printer, it's the kind that theme parks use for souvenirs - It provides very quick printing of 6" x 4" photos which are instantly dry.

The printer is usually attached to a touchscreen Windows 7 (x64) - However, just recently the print output colours have been very poor and it makes subjects look very tanned is the best way I can describe it.

The original images look fine on screen, so I offloaded them on to my laptop (Windows 7 x64), hooked up the printer (with latest drivers from here and the output photos are of the quality I would expect.

So clearly the issue lies with the Touchscreen PC but I have no idea what? Obviously I've tried the same drivers as my laptop - I've also uninstalled the only other printer (Microsoft XPS) available on that PC and removed any reference just in case there was some kind of conflict there. I've also tried all available USB ports and removing the printer and drivers and re-installing those from scratch.

I maybe should add that the PC's sole purpose is to process photos, it is never attached to the internet and windows updates are disabled. The only thing which has ever been updated are the printer drivers. Thinking about the issue it's always happened but a lot more infrequently than now so I don't think a system restore will help.

I think my next option might be to reinstall Windows but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions before I do this?

Completely baffled!
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MadPCConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies guys, we have come to the conclusion that there is some form of voltage issue with the USB ports on the touchscreen PC - We've proven this by swapping the printer not just to my laptop but to a similar touchscreen PC and by retaking photos using a different camera/the same camera and changing the backgrounds.

The original pictures which were dark when printed from the PC but seemed better when done the same from my laptop may have been just a little bit weird/coincidence, but we have also discovered that even though they were better they weren't at the quality they should have been

There is also a lighting issue at the point of photo capture, the pictures are also not as good as they should be when on screen but initially seemed ok to me, again further inspection and comparison to a 'working' system has proven this.

Something was going wrong at the moment the shutter was sending the image from the camera to the PC - We've ruled out the camera and are now considering a voltage problem on the PC, new machine on order!
You didn't mention an uninstall and reinstall of the mitsubishi printer itself (just the XPS) on the win7 machine in question.  I would certainly try that before reinstalling windows.
MadPCAuthor Commented:
Hi, sorry this is what I meant here...

"I've also tried all available USB ports and removing the printer and drivers and re-installing those from scratch."
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Sorry Mad, you were clear, I'm obviously a bit off today; I better just stop posting.
Two questions:

1. When you removed the drivers, did you do it from Print Server Properties? Just deleting the printer does not remove all the driver files.
2. Are settings for colours in the drivers the same on the 2 PCs? Most drivers have a number of different colour settings. It's also possible that they point to different colour profiles (.ICM or .ICC files).
The icc is included in the cd you got with your printer.
Follow these directions to correct color issue.

From site:

    Download: Windows 7 ICC Profile Guide
    These profiles are best with Color conversion set to “none” and “Color Matching” is checked under Printing preferences/Options tab of the printer driver.  Refer to Printer driver guide for additional information.
    For CP3800DW, color profile is included in the CD with your printer. The profile is enabled in CP3800DW Printing preferences/Option tab and select ICM under Color Adjustment. Refer to CP3800DW Printer Driver Instruction document. Contact technical support for CD replacement. Windows drivers for CP3800DW include a LEAD TOOL software licensed by LEAD Technologies, Inc. located in USA and the LEAD TOOL software is classified as EAR99 under the US Export Control Laws and regulations.

Please note: Read the "readme" file for proper driver installation instructions and limitations. Our current drivers for Windows XP for CP9550DW, CP3020DAU, and CP30DW works with Windows Vista Ultimate edition, Premium and Basic versions. *The Windows Vista drivers for CP-30DW, CP3020DA and CP3800DW are "Limited compatible function"
MadPCAuthor Commented:
It took a bit more investigation, as the original problem we now don't think was the problem in the first place
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