2 cisco routers connected to each other.

I have a separate cisco 2611 router that I would like to use for my network, completely separated from the other pc's etc.

I wanted to know if I could connect it to my cisco 3550 switch and my 3825 router and create a vlans for my servers etc on the 2611?

so basically (2) routers (1) switch.
James BAsked:
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Brian GarciaConnect With a Mentor Technology Support SpecialistCommented:
Yes it will work,  Cisco 2600----Cisco 3550-----Cisco 3825.
Brian GarciaTechnology Support SpecialistCommented:
Yes. You can do that. You must configure sub-interface on the router and switch port trunk on the switch. what do you want to accomplish anyway?
James BAuthor Commented:
I wanted to put my servers on the 2600 and the rest of my network keep on the 3550 switch. I was using the router on a stick with my 3825 router before I got the 2600 router.
James BAuthor Commented:
would that work using the above scenario?
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