How can I send a text message to my iPhone from my Win 7 PC?

I just got an iPhone 5s. Is there a way to send a text message to it from my Windows 7 PC? I'd be willing to do it with the USB cable connected to the PC or while the iPhone is connected to my local wifi (if that makes a difference).
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ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I tried using the method but never received the text message (or a bounce).
Try using your phone company's specific address.   I use ATT so i send to    I just tested this and it worked perfectly (to my iPhone5)

Here's a more complete company list,
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just be aware that messages more than about 140 chars will be sliced and then put back together on att. On sprint, they will just be truncated. If you are using longer messages, try sending them to the MMS address instead. For me, that
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
I tried my soon to be ex-provider's method (Rogers, Ontario) and discovered that they want an additional $5 a month for that feature. Is there a way to do it over the local / wifi network, given that I know (or can figure out by looking at a DHCP server) what the local IP address of the iPhone is?
you can't (easily) send an sms or mms message via wifi. Specifically, you can not sent an iMessage through wifi. Apple only wants iDevices to be able to send iMessages.

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Mark KiserIT ManagerCommented:
From your phone send a text to your email address. When you receive the email it will show the format that you can send to. Mine is I replied and it worked fine.
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Appreciate the help.
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