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SQL 2008 express connection errors 10061 and 17

over the weekend one of the SQL database become inaccessible

when we try to connect to the SQL instance we get the errors  below

it comes up with SQL state 01000
SQL server 10061
on the tcpip interface

also SQL State error 08001
SQL server error 17

if we test the SQL instance on the SQL server were it resides it works fine .

help would be appreciated
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You have a connection issue, please check,

In SQL server configuration manager->  Is TCP/IP enabled?
Next, does the firewall have an exception for port 1433 to allow inbound connections
Last, On the server, right click server in SQL (properties) and check if there is a checkbox at 'allow remote connections'
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Have check the above
TCP/IP is enabled
have installed portn 1433 in to the firewall
and have checked that allow remote conections is ticked
Next to TCP/IP is NamedPipes enabled and running?

What happens on the client if you run:      telnet serverip 1433
Running the above telnet serverip 1433 failed to connect
Then i assume you have some firewall or port issue somewhere.
I tested it against a running DB server and the screen went black (as expected)

Try to disable the firewall as a whole (and other firewalling software like Symantec Endpoint or MalwareButes)
If this doesnt resolve the issue i begin to think your SQL server is no longer listening to port 1433.
the error says it cannot open connection to the sql ip address on port 1433 failed to connect
It should indicate

User generated image
has the Firewall is controlled by the domain this may take a little time but we can try this
if you run connection tests on the SQL server to the SQL datadabe they do work fine which suggest that the SQL  is working
Yes, and not being able to telnet tells you port 1433 is not available or prohibited.
I shall run tests on the ports