The recommended web based imap client

I have my own email server (Dovecot+Postfix), which is hosted on the same server as my portal (Centos 6.3) and I have installed  squirrel mail client and it is working fine with but branding it is not easy also embedding it in my web application is not easy.
    I have been through the internet and I found different other web based clients as roundcube, but unfortunately it is not clear with all these variates which one is easier in:
    1- Flexible branding
    2- Embed it in my web application (It will be great if any has a jquery plugin).
   Any advice please?
Ashraf HassaneinAsked:
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Jan SpringerCommented:
I didn't have any difficulty swapping the squirrelmail branding for company branding.  It's an image swap and a couple of configuration changes in the config file.
Ashraf HassaneinAuthor Commented:
can you change this in the login window?
Jan SpringerCommented:
I've swapped the sqmail image in the login window to a company image (if you use a different size height and width, you'll need to also change in the config).  If you use a different image name, you'll need to change it in the config.
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
i used squirrelmail in the past, but switched over to roundcube some time ago.
Far better imho.
Ashraf HassaneinAuthor Commented:
Was the switch over to rouncube easy without loosing the emails of the users? Was it easy to integrate the rouncube with your web application? I have heard as well about Horde, did you try it?
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Yes, all mail stays in the same backend. RC is a web frontend, the database is used to cache indexes for items as viewed by the user, as well as settings. If you erase the database & restart you only miss all preferences that have been entered (and possibly address lists if used).
The password from the imap server is used to authenticate so no new password to be rememebered. And if you disable the user for the mailserver s/he can't login into the RC frontend as well.

I didn't try horde other than i saw it when i evaluated kolab once a few years ago. But those experiences don't count anymore as there are too many revisions inbetween.

My mailbackend is courier because i prefer the maildir setup. My shop is a little too small to benefit from the cyrus server.

Afaict there are no objections to test RC while also using squirelmail (or others) in parallel.
In my setup i have Kontact as the desktop mail manager and RC as the web interface.
You will need to setup some special folders like the Spam/Junk, Sent, etc. folders.
those are arranged in the configuration file.

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Jan SpringerCommented:
Roundcube is great except that updates for security vulnerabilities seem to be slow.  For that reason alone, I had to exclude rc from my list of options.
Ashraf HassaneinAuthor Commented:
I have just finished installing the rc by the time I got the last comments :-( what security risk the rc has?
Jan SpringerCommented:
Without research, I can't say.  The latest release may very well be fine.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
These are known vulnarabilities. AFAICT they are all fixed.
Ashraf HassaneinAuthor Commented:
Thank you all  I have installed the roundcube, I have hardened as far as possible I have another issue regarding sending emails, but I have opened another question for it, thank you for your help.
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