Getting back deleted messages for IMAP account

I use Outlook 2013 and have an IMAP account setup. Somehow, my Deleted Items folder was wiped out, which means they're gone from the server as well.

I have backups of PST files. Is there any way to get my messages back through one of those pst files?

Thanks in advance.
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skbohlerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The emails were deleted then Outlook was closed. But, I restored them on the server with a restore.
Vaseem MohammedCommented:
You can open those .PST files in outlook an check if the required data is available.
I guess you can find the option to open .pst under file/open data file something like that.
skbohlerAuthor Commented:
Is IMAP data stored in PST files or OST files?
Md. MojahidCommented:
Emails can be one of the easiest items to recover with a little luck. The simplest way to recover an email that has just been deleted is to use the short cut keys CTRL+Z. This will restore the email that was last deleted.

To be know more.
skbohlerAuthor Commented:
Solved this with restore.
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