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DNS cannot be installed on this DC because this DC does not host DNS

Hello EE,
I have a DC that I am trying to introduce into my existing child domain.
Parent domain has 2 DC's
Child domain has 6 DC's (one per branch office)

I have a 2003 functional level and am trying to replace the 2003 with 2012.  I have 2 DCs in with 2012 as of now, but am trying to add another and get that going along side my 2003 and eventually demote the 2003, but when I run the promote wizard it gives me greyed out DNS.
"DNS cannot be installed on this domain controller because this domain does not host DNS"
What is this?  I've read other articles but not matching my environment so not sure what to do ?
DNSActive DirectoryWindows Server 2012

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