Creating new doc from existing doc in Microsoft Word

Posted on 2014-01-13
Last Modified: 2014-01-31
I have a client who has lots of information in a Word document.  She has the need to quickly select items such a paragraphs of text, bullets, and other elements and have them display in order in the new doc.  Basically she opens the doc and "goes shopping" for the right elements she needs to put into the new doc.

Currently the way she does it with copying and paste.  She does so much copying and pasting her fingers hurt.  

Is there a plugin or add on that would allow her to single mouse click the elements into the doc?  If shortcut keys could be used to point there the element goes in the new doc that would be even nicer.

I know about macros  but she is not savy enough to know how to use macros.  Looking for something quick and simple.

If this cannot be done easily in Word, could you recommend other word processing software that would accomplish what she wants?
Question by:nlesser
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Expert Comment

ID: 39778127
If she isn't copying the whole document, there needs to be some way of inputting which parts are to be copied and where.

It might help to save the pieces of text as Autotext - or Building blocks if Word 2007 or later is being used, but the fundamental problem still remains.

It would help to know more details, especially how much variation there is between each new document.

If your client isn't knowledgeable enough to write macros, maybe you could consider providing and maintaining one, perhaps with our help.

Author Comment

ID: 39778135
She is a recruiter.. she has master resumes on all of her people  in her database but she needs to be able to send only the pertinent details to the client looking for specifics.  I hope that helps to clarify.
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Expert Comment

ID: 39778148
Does she produce a new document from the database for each request? If so, how?

It might be easier to delete the unwanted parts of the document,
SharePoint Admin?

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Author Comment

ID: 39778152
yes she creates a new document each time from the master.  Lots of deleting.
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Expert Comment

ID: 39778633
When you say she has a database, is that an actual database, like Access, MySql or MSSQL, or is it just a collection of master documents.

Author Comment

ID: 39780502
right now she has everything in word but she could move the elements to excel.  If each element was in a unique excel cell, could a button be put off to the side that she could click on and have the copy go over to the word template?  The word template only has two basic areas one is bullets for skills and the other is paragraphs that go into more detail on the skillset.

I am attaching files that show the final output so you can see.
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Accepted Solution

GrahamSkan earned 500 total points
ID: 39780920
You could do that. There might be some difficulty in getting the text there, and there might also be formatting problems.

Another suggestion would be to select and Highlight the parts to copy in the source document and then transfer them all at once with a single click or keystroke.

Any of there solutions would need VBA. Here is some simple code to demonstrate the highlighting suggestion. The source document is expected to be open and already manually highlighted
Sub CopyHighLitText()
Dim DocA As Document
Dim DocB As Document
Dim rng As Range

Set DocA = Documents("Client123.docx")

Set DocB = Documents.Add
Set rng = DocA.Range
With rng.Find
    .Highlight = True
    Do While .Execute
End With
DocB.Range.HighlightColorIndex = wdNoHighlight
End Sub

Open in new window


Author Comment

ID: 39781022
Can you give me a quote on what it would cost to produce this solution?
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Expert Comment

ID: 39781691
We are not permitted to solicit or accept paid work directly from the question part of this forum. However those of us who can accept commissions will say so in the 'about' part of  their profile where contact details can also be found.

Author Comment

ID: 39819604
I am still interested in alternate solutions.  I was hoping there were plugins by Microsoft already available for such a need.

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