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Can't reset iPhone 4S

 I have an iPhone 4S that I like to sell because my son upgraded this phone to iPhone 5. But before selling it, I wanted to restore it to the factory setting, but I can't do that.
 First, this phone no longer carries 3G service because the service is with iPhone 5. To make it worse, WiFi stopped working long before he switched to iPhone 5. Whether I tried to reset the phone to factory settings thru Settings option on the phone or iTune thru the computer, it wants to connect to "Find My Phone" thing via Internet. Well I can't connect this phone to the Internet due to two reasons I explained above.

 I just like to sell this phone on Ebay and I like to get this cleaned up before selling it. Beside I wonder if I reset the phone to factory settings, if WiFi would come back. At this point, I can't even turn on or off WiFi because the slider is "recessed or greyed out".

 What are my options at this point?

 Thanks in advance.
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