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SPF Modules - HW Prosafe

1) How does a HW ProSafe® 1000Base-SX LAN SFP connect to a HW ProSafe 24 Port 10/100/1000 Smart switch GS724TPS ?

2) And how would these be connected up to link two buildings together ?
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Thankyou for your excellent informative answer.
From what I gather, the fiber leads are already in place either connected to existing switches at each end which need to be replaced with the new switches and modules, or the fiber links are already connected to small boxes at each end (if that makes any sense !) and now need to be connected to the new switches and modules.
The small boxes you are talking of are probably Fibre Media converters.  They basically do the same as your SFP module will do in the new switch.
Thankyou for that once again.
Is there anything I should be aware of when removing the fiber optic to the connectors and then reinstalling them to the new modules ?

You also mentioned that "The switch may share ports 21/22/23/24 with SPF ports" I assume the SFP modules can be used within these ports as well ?

Thankyou for making me aware of port 23.
You can get different types of Fibre Connectors and different types of fibre cables.  I would make sure that you purchase the correct fibre modules.

What I meant by shared ports is:
Some switches will give you the option of using either the SFP port or Ethernet port - Not both at the same time.  If you plug the SFP module into the SFP slot then it may disable the the Ethernet port of the same number.

It would be worth you taking the time to read the switches manual so you understand how to install them and what it will do.  As my first post mentioned though, MOST are just plug and play.
I have checked each end of the fibre links in each building. There is a fibre panel each end and two fibre links in each panel numbered 1 and 2 both ends. Both red and black.

Both panels at each end, the fibre optic cables lead into the Fibre Media converters as you mentioned earlier, the Fibre Media converters also each have an Ethernet cable running into a switch.

At one Fibre Media converter the two fibre cables run into it the same as they do into the fibre panel (as two separate fibre cables) looking like they screw in or just slot in.

At the other Fibre Media converter in the other building, the two fibre cables run into it as two simplex connectors.

I assume I may be obtaining new fibre cables for the panels and switch modules, I’m not sure. Are the fibre cables easy to move from the panels and Fibre Media converters as well as reconnect ?

I hope all of this makes some kind of sense.
Ideally you need to find out what type of Fibre Cable is installed (Multimode/Singlemode 62.5/125 / 50/125).  The existing fibre patch leads may have this information on them.

You'll need to know the Port type on the Fibre Patch Panel.

You'll need to know the port type on the Switch's Fibre Module.

You'll then need to purchase a fibre patch lead which is of the same type of fibre as the main cable and which will connect to the switch and fibre patch panel.

I hope that makes sense.

Actually connecting the Fibre patch leads is fairly simple, you either plug them in or like you said screw them into place.  Its quite obvious when you look at them.

Obviously do the transfer out of hours, just incase.

Link to an image of connector types:
Thanks for the excellent replies Dave.

Just one other thing if I may. There are existing media fiber converters at each location linking into each other, I assume these will be disconnected and the new SPF modules and fibre leads put in place to the new switches ?

Would there be any reason that the existing media fibre converters could stay in place and the SFP modules and fibre leads still setup to the new switches at each end as additional ?
No problem, glad I can be of help.

No there is no reason why you can't remove the existing media converters once the SFP modules are installed and online.  I would remove the media converters last - just in case there is an issue with a module or something silly.

The only reason you would install a media converter would be if you had a switch that doesn't have an SFP port.  Price may have been another consideration when they where installed.  Generally speaking media converters are cheaper than the fibre modules.
Many thanks.

So to clarify, install switches, fiber optic and SFP, then remove existing connections via media converters ?

Silly question, but if the media converters etc are still in place whilst installing the new SFP modules and fiber, how could I tell if there is a problem with the SFP connection before removing the media converter setup ?
Yes install the new switches, install the SFP modules, connect the Fibre Patch Panel to the new modules and test connectivity.  If the link is working then remove the Media Converters.

You won't be able to have them plugged in at the same time.  When I said remove them last I mean physically remove them last from the cabinet. This was more to save you time if there was an issue as you could just reconnect the media converters again.

I've installed a fair few of them and haven't really had a problem.
Excellent responses. Thankyou.