Cannot find Server Name for MS SQL Server 2008 R2

I just finished installing  MS SQL Server 2008 R2. However I get an error when trying to log in to the Database Engine.  I need the server name.  This is a local installation.

How do I find the server name?

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Steve WalesConnect With a Mentor Senior Database AdministratorCommented:
Check your list of running services (Window+R, services.msc)

SQL Server service is called "SQL Server".  In Parentheses behind that you should see either (MSSQLSERVER) or (hostname\servername) - depending upon what options you specified during the installation.

I will assume that the service is started (but double check please).

If it's MSSQLSERVER, then any of the options specified by Lee Savidge should work.  If it's hostname\servername put that in as the server name.

Rather than saying "Still cannot log on" can you tell us exactly what you've tried and exactly the error messages you're getting ?
Lee SavidgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Several ways (assuming the SQL install was on your machine/server and you are on that at the moment)

Use (localhost)

or put a dot . in the server name

Or open a command prompt and type echo %COMPUTERNAME%

Put the output into the server name box.
DovbermanAuthor Commented:
I am running Windows 8.0.

How do I open the command prompt?

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Lee SavidgeCommented:
"Upgrade to Windows 7"

Sorry, couldn't resist that one :)
DovbermanAuthor Commented:
It's called the PowerShell now.

Still cannot log on.

Server name is needed.
DovbermanAuthor Commented:
It is working now.  I re-installed SQL Server.

Thanks for the suggestions
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