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SBS 2011 VPN issue


 I have a SBS 2011 server, on which I configured the VPN via the console.  When I try to connect to the server, I receive the error - see the attached file. I forwarded 1723 port to the SBS, and no luck. The user is in VPN group.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot that?

The SBS is behind a Vingor 2920, to which I have connected a BT Hub.
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David Atkin
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Have you forwarded the ports on both the Draytek and the BT Hub?

Make sure that the Draytek VPN Settings are disabled.  This has caused me issues previously.
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I forwarded 1723 from the BTHub to the Draytek, and from the Draytek to the SBS. show 1723 as opened :)
Did you check that the Draytek VPN Settings where disabled in:

VPN and Remote Access> Remote Access Control.

All the options want to be unticked.
All of them unticked.
Can you upload the file attachment?  It didn't upload originally
Uuups, Here it is :)
I've done a port test on 1723 to the location in your screenshot.  It shows it as closed.

Can you create the VPN to the IP Address instead of the name?
Your record is currently pointing to:

Can you try creating the VPN connection using the IP address rather than the name.
Yep, I tried directly to the IP, and it is the same.

P.S. I will fix the record later.
No problem, just making sure we are on the same page (Y).

Can you log in using the Administrator credentials?

If possible, can you post a screen shot of the port rules in the BT Hub and Draytek - Sorry to be a pain!
Here both of them
Does your OWA port mapping work?

Any particular reason why you're using the BT Router still and not the DrayTek direct?

Do you get any errors in the event logs relating the VPN Connection or does nothing show?
OWA works like a charm.

Here is what I got just now:

A connection between the VPN server and the VPN client <ip adress> has been established, but the VPN connection cannot be completed. The most common cause for this is that a firewall or router between the VPN server and the VPN client is not configured to allow Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) packets (protocol 47).
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David Atkin
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You need to allow GRE on the router.
(Or PPTP pass through as it is sometimes called).
Check your routers documentation.
Hope that helps,