word 2013 - stopped working (word failed to start correctly last time...)

i try to open an office file,
i get the error (see attached); word failed to start correctly last time...starting word in safe mode......" if i press "YES" start in safe mode - nothing happen.

i tried to repair office 2013 - didn't work.

i open word application, i get: pls wait until windows configures Microsoft office professional plus 2013.....
than: Microsoft setup bootstrupper has stopped working

after a while word application opens anyway and when i open a word file from inside the app it WORKS.

i dont want to remove and re-install office, only as my last option

thank you for any help
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Look at "Manual steps for uninstalling Office 2013 or Office 365" at the link I provided earlier:

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2739501 >
You may try uninstalling Office 2013 uing Microsoft Fix it from:

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2739501 > and

then reinstall it.
sikadminAuthor Commented:
i want this option only if i have no other choice...
isnt there anything else to do ?
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You already repaired it and it did not work. :-(
sikadminAuthor Commented:
removed office, re-installed it
but !
i get the error message again, when opening a word (any office ) document i get the message (see file attached):
1. preparing to install
2. Microsoft setup bootstratper has stopped working

but the file opens...
the "bug" was solved but the error message remains ....
sikadminAuthor Commented:
the only application that doesn't work is Excel,
it opens empty when i open a file.
but when i open the application and use the OPEN from within excel - it works O.K
Well, You may have to perform a manual uninstall of Ofiice 2013 (time consuming and frustrating, yes) and reinstall.
sikadminAuthor Commented:
how do you preform it  "manually" ?
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