A hacker upload files on server

Dear all,
recently our online server ( Hosting server with more then 200 web sites) attacked by hacker which separate some files all over the directories of our clients ,

I need to know how he upload such a files to our server?

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Rich RumbleConnect With a Mentor Security SamuraiCommented:
Again there is sooo much it could be, and SQL injection doesn't often result in file uploads. If you run wordpress, phpbb, durpal or many other forum or framework they all have exploits.
Take a very popular and well maintained framework like wordpress:
There are thousands of exploits for it. now think about one "your buddy" wrote for you... Coding is hard to do right and easy to do wrong. Security is often an after thought until you get burned. I'd find some tools or hire an individual to scan your site.
Unpatched versions of the webserver, apache, iis and others can be a cause, the programming language can be too, they need security updates and tight security settings.

Your case seems similar to this:
http://www.davidorlo.com/articles/it-admin/iis-hacked-index-default-files-replaced Good tips if you have the same setup.
I need to know how he upload such a files to our server?
I'm afraid nobody but that hacker can answer that. As to how it is possible, I don't think that can be answered before knowing the specifics of the server and it's security.
ethar1Author Commented:
I meant the possible way ...
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As I wrote:
As to how it is possible, I don't think that can be answered before knowing the specifics of the server and it's security.
ethar1Author Commented:
do you have a specific question?
if you don't , no need to reply or answer me ... just give a chance to me and others to find a solution ....
Good luck!
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
It could be as simple as easy password to guess or anonymous access is granted, perhaps you have ports open that you shouldn't. Forms can be abused, php/asp and others can be abused. There are too many ways to name, the site could have a backdoor on it.

I would use Skipfish to scan your site and maybe it will help you pinpoint a few problems. Download and extract skipfish, open cmd promt, and use a command like this:
skipfish,exe -o c:\temp\mywebsite http://mywebsite.com
You should create the c:\temp\mywebsite folder (doesn't have to be that name) and then change mywebsite.com to your sites address.
The windows version of skipfish can be found here: http://didasec.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/skipfish-2-10b-for-windows/
How was it done? Could be FTP. Or scp. Or sftp. Or HTTP upload. Or telnet. Or SQL injection. Or malware. Or... Well, who knows how many possible ways? All we could do is list every possible way that files can be created and populated over a network. Technically, there are probably many thousands of possible ways.

In order to limit the number, we'd need to know details of every service and every app on your servers that can accept connections and write data to your local file systems. And then we'd have to know of vulnerabilities in the apps, ones that might be generally known only to the developers. (And maybe not even known to them.)

ethar1Author Commented:
Thank you guys for replies ,

I think its a sql injection , cuz many resons  :
 - All application ( web sites) running on our server we had developed it.
 - unusual activities on SQL server last 2 3 days before the seeing the effect of attack.
 - the attack is very limited   its send 5 files with a html contents  :
   index.asp ,  default.cfm, default.htm, default.html, default.php, index.cfm, index.htm, index.php
-  Those files separated all over the hosting account in all folders except the www folder
I have this folder structure :

D:\HC\ResellerName\ClientName \ www \ ( some other folders depend on the application)

I notics that hacker can write the 8 files (mentioned above) on all folder except www , + he able to write those 8 files on sub folders under www.
 - Also we notices many SQL keywords in LOF file like : convert()  , version  , db_name, user_name substring() ,isnull ,ascii, lower

- But my understanding that sql injection effect only DB not files  , if it effect the files can you please tell me how to stop such a service of try to prevent its effect.

I use windows server 2003 + sql server 2008, + iis 6
ethar1Author Commented:
I don't use or run wordpress, phpbb, durpal  or any other system, we develop our own only..

Yes I know it may have some vulnerabilities ...

Yes my case exactly like the one you mentioned I will check it and come back to you ...

I use asp and asp.net only. which is make the attack very limited..
Any vulnerability is fine.
Since you mention website - it could be httpd that can write data directories among others...
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