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Domain Controller's own DNS A record gets removed

I have a Domain controller that keeps removing it's own A record.  I have no idea why, it just started happening.  No updates were done, sand no changes in the environment.  I had to add an entry in the registry to PublishAddresses in order for it to stay in DNS.  Any help would be appreciated.
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This could be caused if you havent set this option in Network center->Properties->TCP/IP v4->DNS

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This is checked.  I went through all the network settings and compared them to my other DC and could not find any issues.  Normally I have 2 entries for the DC, one for the parent and then one of the server name.  The parent stays, but the server one disappears.  This is a remote site, so the local users have no issues.  I just am not able to connect from a different subnet by the dns name.  I have to use IP address.
I would think there should be a mention of this happening in event viewer DNS section?
No entry.  I have restarted the DNS service to see if that does anything.  I looked through all the logs and I do not see anything except for an error for Master Browser, which I disabled the Computer Browser service to correct for now.  This all started last Friday, and everything was fine on Thursday.  This Server 2008 R2 incase I forgot to mention.  My work around is working for now, but I don't like having a unique setup for my DC that is different than my other DC's.
You are right not be to happy with this.

Master browser election?, can it be you have a timeserver conflict which could be causing this?
Not sure on that.  I wanted to get the DNS issue resolved before worrying about the Master browser issue.  The timeserver appears to be working correctly.
You would really want to check this, who is competing with the server in Master browser election? if DC's are off base i can imagine this kind of things to be happening.
It is competing with the other DC at the site.
And that other DC holds the PDc role?
No.  I have 2 DC's in AZ, 2 in OH, and 1 in CO.  The PDC is in OH.
Ok, in that case it is logically it loses the election and is it ok to disable the service.
Only in case the PDC dies on you and you want this DNS issue server to become the new PDC and time server you need to re-enable the service.
OK, then I wont worry about the Master Browser issue.  This site will never become the PDC, so I am not worried about it.  Still digging into the DNS issue though.
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OK, I will go through these.
Thanks for your help.
Hope it helps you solve this mistery. Cheers.