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Using SBS 2011. Looking for a solution that will redirect incoming emails with large attachments to a cloud service & then notify user so they could login to the cloud & access or download that email attachment. SBS server store is taking a very large hit due to large attachments to multiple users. Exchange store is currently 275GB. Other solutions or ideas are welcome too.
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David AtkinConnect With a Mentor Technical DirectorCommented:
Spambrella to name one -

Their online filtering service will allow end users to release their own attachments/quarantined items without being able to access other users attachments.  These rights can be given to users if needed though

If you're interested I would suggest that you contact them and discuss your requirements.  They offer a 30-Day free (no obligation) trial of their services.
The settings you want are in Exchange Management Console, Organisation Configuration, Hub Transport then select Transport Rules

Right click and select "New Transport rule".

Selection criteria: From users Outside the organization AND when any attachment file name contains text patterns then list the extensions you want.

Then in the Actions tab, select 'redirect the message to addresses' option, and select your email from the list (or an external contact from your Cloud service)

Hope this will help,
yohayonAuthor Commented:
Thanks but was also looking for a full solution with cloud provider that hosts this service
Simplify Active Directory Administration

Administration of Active Directory does not have to be hard.  Too often what should be a simple task is made more difficult than it needs to be.The solution?  Hyena from SystemTools Software.  With ease-of-use as well as powerful importing and bulk updating capabilities.

Also, here are my list of extensions that I use:

.exe or .scr or .zip or .pif or .cab or .cat or .com or .cmd or .vbs or .acl or .adp or .bas or .chm or .cpl or .crt or .hlp or .htg or .inf or .ins or .isp or .js or .jse or .msi or .mdg or .mdl or .mde or .mdc or .mdz or .msp or .pcd or .reg or .scr or .scf or .shs or .vri or .vb or .vbe or .wsc or .wsf or .wsh or .app or .fxp or .prg or .mdw or .mdt or .ops or .ksh or .esh or .ctxjpg or .zipx
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
You could put it through an online email filtering provider.  You can set limits on most of them so that it quarantines attachments over a specific size.  These can then be manually released or viewed online.

You would also be able to filter by email attachments.

This kind of service would be your primary MX and filter all of your emails.  I.e. the emails would get filtered before hitting your server not redirected based on a rule.

Hope that helps a little.
yohayonAuthor Commented:
If I would prefer each user accessing attachments in the cloud, they should not be able to access or view other peoples attachments. Need their own account for each user. Can you recommend a provider of this service?
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