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Outlook 2013 crashes when a specific profile launches

I have a problem when trying to install a new machine for a user.  We have an in house Exchange 2010 server.  His old machine is using Office 2007 and works without issue.  The machine we are replacing it with uses Office 2013.  Office installs with no issues and we can configure his Outlook profile on it.  As soon as we do this and attempt to open his Outlook it immediately crashes.  I can configure other users Outlook profiles on the machine and it opens and works normally.  This appears to be only with his specific Outlook profile.  We tried using another machine that is exactly the same.  Once we configure the new machine it also fails immediately and does the same thing.  I am attaching to screen shots that show the event id's with the crash.  Please help!
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Hi ATiSupport,

It sounds like the user's Outlook profile is corrupted if you can repeat the process on multiple machines with the same result.

To confirm, this is only happening with one user, correct? What happens when you add a different user to the same machine, everything OK?

If all is correct, backup the user's mailbox and create a new one in Exchange - then test again.

In your screenshots attached Event 25 in this instance is a normal event - nothing to worry about.

For Event ID 1000, try this:

You can try replacing olmapi32.dll with a copy from another computer.

If that doesn't work try this:
1. Make sure your Outlook is closed.
2. In regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\ Outlook
3. Export a backup copy
4. Deleted the Data key
5. Launched Outlook.
Let me know how it goes!
just out of curiosity, do you have another older machine with outlook 2007 that you can try to configure the profile?  granted, i do agree with what was stated about the possibility of a mailbox issue, but wondering why it only has this issue with outlook 2013

also noticed you added office 365 to the list of topics.  is that a variable here at all?
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In my experience this is because the horrible and awful Click-to-run Office 2013 package is ... er.. 'flakey', shall we say.

Run the 'Fix It' from MS KB 2739501, reboot, reinstall Office and try again.

It's not a good fix, but it shouldn't take more than about 15 minutes.

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Thanks for all your input, let me try and test a few of these and will get back with you.
Any update on this?
When we removed cached mode Outlook opened up correctly under the troubled profile.  So now we know how to open Outlook, what can cause something like this and how can I permanently fix it so his account works properly in the future?
Have you tried reinstalling office as per my original suggestion?
This occurs due to Outlook profile corruption like I previously stated in comment http:#a39782311. The reason why you have no issue with removing cache mode is because this bypasses your OST file's cache and connects directly to the Exchange Server. Albeit it will operate slower and there is no offline mode with it but overall functionality will be the same. In fact for large mailboxes this is a preferred method to achieve greater performance gains due to the fact of not caching everything, which in that example would cause performance degradation.

To resolve permanently, you can remove the Outlook profile completely including deleting everything in the C:\Users\<%user_name%>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook directory. Reboot then re-setup the profile in the mail applet within the Control panel.
Sorry I am not onsite every day to keep posts going every few hours so it takes me a bit to test these things.

I will try the removing the profile remnants like you mentioned DIVERSEIT but I dont know if I believe you on that.  As I mentioned in my introduction paragraph, this follows the user from machine to machine that is using Office 2013.   Again we ordered like 15 of the same machines from Dell.  Any of these machines we try and configure this user on it happens to.  So I dont understand how its a local profile issue when it does the same thing to multiple machines from this order.  It makes more sense there is something that is being pushed out from his Exchange account more than just a corrupt local profile.  Maybe its just being brought to light by the Office 2013 installs, I dont know at this time...

In my first post I stated that this doesnt seem to bother his existing Office 2007 setup but he has problems with multiple machines opening his Exchange on Office 2013.  Those are the only 2 versions I have tried to open.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
I still would like to know what causes this and how to permanently fix it but Experts is pushing to close the ticket so here we go.
As I stated you most likely have a corrupted profile. Removing it as I described and re-creating it will correct this problem permanently.

Unchecking the cached mode only is a band-aid, which removes all the great features of caching and connects directly to the server.