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opensuse 13.1 remote desktop is black

I have upgraded from Opensuse 12.3 to Opensuse 13.1. I have a problem with Remote Desktop. when I connect from my home PC all i get is a black screen. it worked great on 12.3,

When I try to see if Vino-server is loaded I get the message "screen sharing is not enabled". I checked and screen sharing is indeed enabled.

i have been reading the documentation and i cannot find any details about the settings. I did find that /etc/xinetd.d/vnc has a line that disables by default the communication. i edited and restarted...that is when i get a black screen.

Any ideas?
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Do you have ipv6 enabled? Try commenting out the ipv6 line in /etc/hosts -

# special IPv6 addresses
#::1             localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback

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Same as before. i did restart xinetd and the Xvnc server. Sorry for the long delay.
Do you need to see the screen ot just run graphics programs?
Have you restart networking or the box?
1. I need to see the screens.
2. I have restarted the network and the box.
Aparently your video card got good hardware acceleration that GNOME-2 vinoserver does not dig.
Use krfb instead
This seems to be known bug for 13.1.

is it possible for you to roll back to 12.3 and file a bug report?
It is more like a simple misconfguration

You need to choose you run vino or xvnc on same port..... Otherwise one will fail and you connect to other.

And you should not call vino-server directly.
1. ok, kill Xvnc, which is the current default. (according to the documentation). Make sure Vino is running and test...but I cannot find where to set up vino-settings? i like vino-server better than Xvnc.
2. I rolled back to 12.3 and re-loaded there really is a bug...i have read a few entries about similar issues as mine, but no solutions.

I am still working on this problem; it is not a high priority as I spend enough time at the workstation, but I need to solve the remote issue for the times when I'm on the road.
patching system changes order of program startup
you do not need xvnc for vino to work
also if you kill program are you sure you clean all the remaining resources after?
for example if i start Xvnc i cannot get krfb to do anything, and cak keep hopelessly connecting to black Xvnc....
I'm not used to Xvnc so I will have to check for "remaining resources".
- I thought that I could disable Xvnc by disabling it from the services so it will not start after booting?
Are other resources loaded if Xvnc is not loaded at boot?
I will test tomorrow.
you can always uninstall unused system components for performance and security
(or "chkconfig vnc off")
I un-installed Xvnc...checked vino, running and listening on 5900...checked vino-passwd...

still not working. vino-server message "(vino-server:29035): WARNING **: The desktop sharing service is not enabled, so it should not be run."

Can't find anywhere the desktop sharing settings...I have set .AllSettings>Sharing>Screen Sharing> all options on and password... and remote login.

I'm not sure where else to look.
Search for options in order:
vino-config (~~~ control panel)
dconf-editor (~~~ regedit)
none of the options suggested work...I'm assuming dconf is for desktop configuration. I have tried that. Currently my settings are set for sharing.

I think it is time to abandon this issue and roll back to 12.3. I will need to document all my issues to submit a bug to opensuse.
You said it is a known bug...
I cannot find it in novell bugzilla.

Did you enable sharing in vino-config and verified with dconf-editor that it is enabled?

Not yak yak yak i do vino with dconf, please follow exact steps.
I don't know if it is a known bug. I have found several references to the same problem, but no solutions. that is why i started this question.

As stated before, i cannot find vino-config or dconf-editor. my O/s is Openssue13.1. in the past there was vino-preferences...i cannot find that either. i remove vino and reinstalled, assuming that it was just incomplete, But no, i still cannot find anythign but vino-server.
I suspect you need to install them
zypper wp vino-config
zypper wp dconf-editor
(I use KDE, and have little knowledge why people stick to gnome)
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thanks for the help...although it did not solve the problem, since it seems to be a bug.