Open ports from inside the network

Hi Experts,

There is going to be a conference at work from inside the Fortigate firewall and the Engineer giving the presentation ask me to make sure that these ports are not restricted and they are allow for traffic to go out and return. By the way the presenter will use a VPN device to connect to his cisco head-end
5060 UDP & TCP bidirectional
5061 TCP bidirectional

Please advise
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myramuConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If he is using VPN then FortiGate will act as VPN pass through. Just check with him what VPN he is using (IPSec, SSL or PPT). Based on that open the ports and no need to worry about other ports since the traffic will be paasing via VPN tunnel.

Refer the following kb article to create a policy,

Good Luck!
What advice are you looking for? It seems like a reasonable request for the given purpose.

chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
Honestly I loved your answer because I call Fortinet support and they went through a long process to open those ports and at the the Senior Engineer show me how to configure it and it is the same link you provided me.

You are welcome!
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