what language do I use to generate pdf documents containing text displayed in different rows and columns

I am familiar with vba and a bit of vb.net direction should I take to create a form displayed in a webpage that users could enter a list words.
They would then choose
   How many columns
   How many rows
and then my website would generate a pdf containing the list of words they had entered in random order in the number of columns and rows they chose
my website is hosted by GoDaddy
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use iTextSharp to generate the PDF document
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
When you say the site is hosted by godaddy.. which hosting package are you using? a windows hosting package
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
Much thanks to all of you!

David Johnson How do I find out the answer to your question


what free programming language that most closely matches vba or vb.net should I use to create this web based application I would like to enable multiple users to use from my website.
I last used an express edition of vb.net many years ago do express editons of .net languges still exist and can they be used for my purposes?
Mahesh BhutkarCommented:
You can use VB.NET as well. The above mentioned links uses VB.NET
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