AOL rejecting emails from Exchange 2003

I have a huge problem with sending emails to AOL from our Exchange, I have checked almost everything, from getting BT to setup Reverse DNS as well as setting SPF on the hosting Control Panel, yet it is still rejecting with the following error.
I have exhausted all the channels I could think off so as usual, I am here hoping someone could help or direct me to where best to get help on this one.
The Exchange can sent to almost everything except for AOL, so it must be some AOL issues, are there any settings or tweaks I can work with to bypass this ?
I have sent to various AOL addresses, all different people and they all bounced back with same error.

From: Administrator
Sent: 07 January 2014 03:27
To: Paul
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Delay)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
While the IP address is new to you, it is unlikely it is completely new. BT, as with most ISPs will recycle the IP addresses. I have had a static address with my current ISP for over four years, still has traces of the old company on it in various places on the internet.

I don't know whether AOL mean 30 days from the request or not, I gave up trying to comply with AOL's rules a long time ago. If it doesn't work, smart host it.

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
That isn't a failure message, it is just a warning saying the messages are in the queue. Tells you nothing.

You need to look in the queue viewer on the server itself to see if the messages are being rejected with a temporary error of some description.

First thing I would do is check the lookups of MX records on your server, then attempt to telnet in to them.

If AOL was rejecting your email then you would have a full failure NDR, not a warning.

Mohammed TahirMicrosoft Exchange and O365 AdministratorCommented:
Verify that The reverse DNS record of the your email server's IP number must match the reverse DNS record of the IP number found in the MX record for the your domain.

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CombemartinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your info.
I have telnet AOL and got this

ERROR: 554 5.7.1 : (RTR:BB)

I have sent a whitelist request to AOL but after a week I got this :

Your Whitelist request, with the confirmation code 1389963501-513031,
has been denied.

Your web request has been denied due to insufficient mailer history. We
apologize for this inconvenience.  Please resubmit your request after you have build a good 30-day history on your IPs. If you have IP addresses that have sent mail to AOL in the last 30 days with a good mailing history, please place these IP addresses in the section named "Additional Information" when you submit your new request.

The Whitelist Request form can be found at:

For more information on sending email to AOL, sender best practices, IP reputation and more, please visit our website at

Thank You,
AOL Postmaster Team

Requested IP(s):


Fair enough, but how on earth can one build a reputation for one day, let alone 30 days when one can't even sent anything to AOL ?
We have done the PTR via BT, SPF in the Control Panel, then making sure SMTP banner is correct, I am really running out of ideas on this one.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Just send your email out through BT's smart host.
You will have to contact BT and get your domain configured on their smart host so it allows relaying, then you can configure a Send Connector to either route all of your email via their host or just the domains you are having problems with.

I suspect AOL want 30 days of you emailing other people, not them. AOL are very picky on who they accept email from.

CombemartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon,
This is a new IP that came with BT Fibra, been in use for almost 3 months now, not been blacklisted or had any spam issues, so does this mean its 30 days from date of white request, or 30 days of non-marked period that its not on a spam/blacklist ?
Look like may have to go through Smarthost, it is so annoying that just one stupid company required you to climb mountains to do something thats normal to everyone else.
CombemartinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon, I eventually got BT to open up and use their SMTP to route AOL out.
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